[VIDEO] A Malaysian Female Director Tells Us Why Her Job Is So Awesome

It's all about telling "the stories that make us unique, make us human".

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We asked Nora, a female director, to tell us all about what makes her job so awesome. Here's what she had to say:

Interestingly, her original passion wasn't for directing, but for writing instead

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"I started as a novelist. I like to write stories. I did publish a few novels."

But once she got into directing, she truly fell in love with the way she gets to help tell unique stories about people's lives

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"I see who they truly are. It is a beautiful moment, when someone opens up themselves for you."

And for those looking to pursue their passion in directing too, Nora has some words of advice for you

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"Own every decision. And never ever regret a single moment. Life goes on, even if your film doesn't."

It can be difficult to pursue your passion professionally. CIMB wants to encourage you to work towards making your dreams come true!

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