[VIDEO] A Malaysian Tells Us The Coolest Thing About Being A Professional Magician

From street magic to fire shows!

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Have you ever tried to figure out the secrets behind a magic trick?

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We asked Vikey, a professional magician and illusionist, to share his journey. Here's what he had to say:

Vikey started out as a clown when he was just a teenager with a passion to make people smile

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"There's a lack of clowns. We need clowns to perform in Kelantan."

It's certainly not an easy road to success but Vikey persisted, even going against his parents' wishes

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"And I wanted to pursue my studies overseas in the magic field. The first thing they [my parents] said was NO."

Want to pursue your passion professionally? Vikey has some advice for you...

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"You should also save so you can support your passion and your ambition in life."

It can be difficult to pursue your passion professionally. CIMB wants to encourage you to work towards making your dreams come true!

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