McDonald's Viral Chocolate Pie Is Now Available In Singapore

So near, yet so far. :(

Cover image via Instagram @hosikuz (edited)

Remember the ooey, gooey molten chocolate pie from McDonald's South Korea that everyone drooled over last year?

Well, we have some semi-good news for all you chocoholics out there. The Rich Chocolate Pie is finally within our reach... but it looks like our neighbours over the Causeway have beat us to the punch once again. :(

The Rich Chocolate Pie will be made available for a limited time in all McDonald's Singapore outlets from this Thursday, 1 March onwards.

Previously available only in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand, the super mengancam jiwa chocolate pie went viral last year because, I mean, LOOK AT IT:

If the criminally-enticing photos don't make you feel like taking a bite, maybe this video of the pie being snapped in half will:

Posted by on Sunday, 13 August 2017

Look at the molten chocolate oooozing out of the pie...! drools 

Anyway... we're still waiting, McDonald's Malaysia. :)

In the meantime, guess we'll just have to make do with these - frankly - super amazing chocolate brownies in Klang Valley:

If you're looking for something a bit healthier, we've got you covered too!

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