I Slapped Myself After Watching This Selfie Ad, Only To Find Out It Was Not A Dream

The Internet is one place, where from time to time stupidity and ridiculousness takes a new meaning and hits us hard. This time around it's the new Nikon ad for its CoolPix S6600 camera..

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The "a new way to 'Selfie' video" starts off with a pretty girl entering Tipsy Brew coffee shop..

That's Pinkie entering the coffee shop!

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...and taking a rather cheeky selfie.


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She walks off to the back of the shop as the Rebecca Black-ish song plays in the background. BOOM! 'Be stylist'.


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She selects the "glaymour retouch". Yay!

English has never suffered so much before!

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Then comes this killer line: "What if we take a group photos?"

It hurts to hear them speak!

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The only saving grace? As my colleague puts it: " least they are good to look at!"

They indeed are a sight to look at!

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A columnist for The Malaysian Online also writes about the ad. She says:

The English is bad to the point of hilarity — the lead model pronounces “glamour” as “glay-more”, but I really lost it when she asked her fellow models to turn around by squeaking, “Backside!”

Here's the video that was so bad Nikon had to take it down to edit it and upload it again. This is the second upload:

Unsupported video platform

They took it down to mute the "backside" part at 2:17, which was said to be the best part of the whole video. Oh, bummer!

The moment when the girls went: "backside one, backside one."

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