9 Ideas To Help You Visualise Your #OOTD With Stylish Wearable Tech

You are what you wear.

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1. When choosing your outfit, make sure it doesn't clash with your statement headphones. Go simple.

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Pair it with a plain OOTD, so that it's eye-catching for all the right reasons:

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2. Choose a smartwatch that isn't overly sporty so you can still wear them to formal events

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With over 40 customisable watch faces, the Huawei Watch truly is all you need to match any outfit or occasion.

3. Get a smart ring that can blend in seamlessly into your wardrobe

Embedding useful technology into an accessory, a smart ring connects to your phone and alerts you to certain notifications, ranging from phone calls, text messages, emails, to app notifications.

4. If eco-friendliness ranks high on your fashion must-haves, there are also sustainable options available

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It would be c'est magnifique if paired with boho chic #OOTDs like these:

5. Go for a sleek and chic fitness tracker that is fit for any occasion

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Unbelievably stylish yet functional, watch Huawei's Talkband B2 on the arms of one of Malaysia's top fashion designers here.

6. For those who want to look glamourous, opt for an activity tracking jewelry with some serious bling

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Does everything a fitness tracker does, but super glamorously. Seriously, no one would be able to guess it's a piece of wearable tech.

No need to sacrifice glamour even for the red carpet. Win-win situation!

7. Want to stay low-profile instead? Go with an elegant smart jewelry like an unsuspecting clip.

Monitor your activity, sleep quality, stress levels and keep track of your menstrual cycle like a ninja.

Perfect if you want to keep it classy with your #OOTD for a business meeting or if it's just a basic get-up kinda day:

8. If everything is too complicated, nothing wrong with keeping things simple and standing out with a minimalistic phone

If you ask us, the Huawei P8 is pretty darn sexy and ticks all the boxes of a high-end, minimalistic yet sophisticated phone. Go take a look for yourself.

You'll never go out of style when you stick with the classics

Local designer Tengku Syahmi takes a breather in his workshop.

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9. Customise your phone with cases to suit your daily style. Source them online for more unique choices!

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At the end of the day, wearable tech should give you the freedom to modify them to your personal style

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Don't be afraid to define your own style and discover your own look. Watch what Malaysian fashion designer, Maatin Shakir had to share about tech as a form of self-expression here.

With technology changing the world, besides the unimaginable effect it has on our daily productivity, it has also resulted in this new trend - wearable tech. So own it and make it truly yours!

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Where do we even begin with how technology has changed the world? Believe it or not, it also plays a big part in the world of fashion. Watch this video to learn about how tech plays a role as a fashion enabler.

Besides looking stylish as ever, you can also take some incredibly stunning long exposure photos with your Huawei device: