M'sian Accountants Share How This International CPA Program Helps Job-Seekers Stand Out

"Candidates with standard qualifications are common. Completing the CPA Program shows you can go beyond the requirements," shared Dr Abby, the Head of the Accounting Department at a local university.

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Accountancy is undoubtedly one of the more popular professions you could choose as a career

While job prospects in the field can be promising, it's important for applicants to not only recognise their value, but also show potential employers what sets them apart from the crowd.

In a volatile global business environment, this sentiment rings truer than ever. Prestigious accounting firms and organisations seek employees who add value to their workforce, rather than just ticking off standard requirements of the job.

Dr Abby Ashraff bin Saprudin CPA (Aust.), Uma Devi Uturaju FCPA (Aust.), and Dr Zubir Azhar FCPA (Aust.) are leading university lecturers and academics in the field of accountancy, as well as CPA Australia members

As accountancy educators, they are uniquely positioned to give insight into the current job market for accountants and auditing professionals. As CPA Australia members, on the other hand, they provide an insider's view into what makes a job candidate stand out to employers and recruiters.

CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies. The international member organisation provides postgraduate accountancy programmes for individuals looking to be a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), which is a professional certification and mark of high competence for finance, accounting, and business professionals.

According to the three professionals, here's how the CPA Program helps job applicants stand out in the field:

1. "Completing the CPA Program shows you can go beyond the standard requirements"

Dr Abby Ashraff bin Saprudin.

Image via CPA Australia (Provided to SAYS)

"The market stats tell you everything. Candidates with standard qualifications are common and oversupplied," said Dr Abby, who is also the Head of the Accounting Department, Faculty of Management, at Multimedia University.

"You must differentiate yourself. One way is to pursue further professional accreditation."

He said many students believe a university degree will suffice in helping them establish their careers. Instead, he mentors his students to "be bold in making decisions."

"If they believe they are ready and can continue their study momentum, pursuing the CPA Australia designation as early as possible would be a great choice."

2. "It moulds you to think outside the box, critically, analytically, and develops your soft skills, which are in high demand in this day and age"

Uma Devi Uturaju.

Image via CPA Australia (Provided to SAYS)

Uma, who is also an accountancy lecturer at Victoria University Sunway KL, said that the CPA Program offers more than just a narrow technical accounting focus. It is not the kind of course that asks you to memorise and regurgitate information.

The accountancy lecturer added that undertaking the CPA Program helped her appreciate the broader skill set required to succeed in today's competitive business world.

"It is not just IQ that matters. For me, it is more about EQ (emotional intelligence) and social intelligence if you want to become a leader. These are the qualities that take you further in your career," said Uma.

3. "The content coverage of the CPA Program offers deeper, more specialised accounting knowledge, which boosts my students' understanding and interests in accounting"

Dr Zubir Azhar.

Image via CPA Australia (Provided to SAYS)

According to Dr Zubir, the CPA Program uses contemporary and internationally relevant material with cutting-edge resources to equip accountants with the necessary skills to succeed today and in the future.

Dr Zubir is also the chairperson of accounting at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia. He said, "There is an increasing demand for accountants to support economic growth and complex financial decision making in every country, including Malaysia.

"Malaysia's target to achieve 60,000 professional accountants by 2030 to accommodate the country's economic development has invigorated me to further mentor and develop future talents."

As a pathway to a successful accountancy career, the CPA Program offers flexible study options if you're interested in advancing further in this field

Committed to providing quality, consistency, and integrity with its programmes, you can sit for face-to-face or online exams in most locations globally with CPA Australia.

The CPA Program also recognises that each person has a different approach to learning, and that many students excel with more structure to their study.

So, rest assured that you can expect guided learning from professionals throughout your CPA Program.

You can also join a complimentary 'Become a CPA' info session for an overview of the subjects, exam format, study resources, important dates, fees, and the application process

Register your attendance to the 'Become a CPA' info session now, and you'll get to enjoy a waiver on the application fee.

Besides that, special admission pathways to the CPA Program are available for holders of other relevant professional qualifications. A CPA-MIA pathway for members of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) for at least five years, is also available.

Meanwhile, the CPA Australia — Yayasan Peneraju Sponsorship for S1 2022 is now open for registration.

To discuss your professional accounting qualification plan, you can email the CPA Australia team at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can drop them a WhatsApp message or give them a call at 012-229 6746 or 012-207 5772.

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