Tired Of Dealing With Sore Throats? These Lozenges Help Provide Relief And Taste Good Too

Dry, scratchy, painful throat, be goneee!

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Nobody likes getting a sore throat. T.T

But sometimes, no matter how well you jaga your body, you still end up with that scratchy or painful sensation at the back of your throat.

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Ughhh, and whenever a sore throat strikes, it can instantly ruin any good vibes you had going. D:

The worst thing is when you feel the throat irritation right before something important happens, whether it's a client meeting, a special date, or a hangout with buddies you haven't seen in ages.

The great news is that you can say goodbye to annoying sore throats thanks to DifflamAB or Difflam HEXTRA sore throat lozenges, yasss!

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Whether your throat is feeling dry and tickly or scratchy and painful, DifflamAB and Difflam HEXTRA has got you covered with their antibacterial sore throat lozenges.

For mild sore throats, soothing lozenges like DifflamAB can keep your throat moist, while helping to relieve symptoms

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If your throat is starting to feel dry, tickly, raspy, or irritated, you can pop a DifflamAB lozenge every two to three hours for immediate relief.

DifflamAB contains two antiseptic ingredients – 2, 4 dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol, which also act as anti-bacterial agents to soothe your throat.

It also comes in a range of tasty flavours, including honey lemon, lemon, orange, and blackcurrant. DifflamAB is suitable for adults, as well as children aged six years old and above.

If you're experiencing sharp, stabbing pain in your throat, Difflam HEXTRA can relieve the pain and fight the infection at the same time

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For sore throats that are more severe, it may feel like razor blades or glass shards at the back of your throat, ouch! Eating food, talking, or even swallowing saliva may be difficult.

In cases like this, Difflam HEXTRA works as an antiseptic and local anaesthetic to relieve your sore throat. The antiseptic element helps to kill bacteria and fight infection, while the local anaesthetic helps to numb the pain, providing you with momentary relief.

Difflam HEXTRA comes in a purple grape flavour, and is suitable for adults and children aged six year old and above. You can take a lozenge once every three hours, or as required.

Ultimately, a sore throat should never get in the way of you excelling at work, enjoying important personal moments, or just feeling good about yourself.

The next time you feel your throat starting to tingle a little, grab yourself DifflamAB or Difflam HEXTRA lozenges from your nearest pharmacy – don't let a sore throat spoil your day! ;P

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