Win The Latest iPhone, Apple Watch, And More When You Celebrate Apple Day With Somersby

It's a beautiful day for some Somersby Apple Cider!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Somersby Malaysia.

Everybody can agree that apples are universally loved

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The ubiquitous fruit is so beloved that there's even a whole event dedicated to celebrating its existence — Apple Day on 21 October! :D

Bringing people together to celebrate the finest harvest of the year, it's a fun and delicious day for sharing the joy that apples offer. 

And the ways you can enjoy this jewel of a fruit is limitless too, from warm apple pie and gooey candied apples, to eating it fresh. Apples ftw, woohoo!

This is why Somersby — made with fresh, juicy apples, fermented to perfection — wants to invite you to celebrate Apple Day with them

As Malaysia's best-selling cider*, there's no one better to mark this wonderful apple-filled occasion with than Somersby. They've got their apple cider game perfected to a tee, and legions of Somersby fans to boot. ;)

Here's why Somersby Apple Cider is so adored:

1. Every bubbly mouthful tastes exquisitely of yummy apples

Perfectly fruity and tart, you know you're in for a treat if you see Somersby's apple cider at a gathering or party.

So, crack open a bottle or can of apple cider, pour it over some ice cubes, and enjoy pampering yourself with a chill night in — bet you just can't wait, hehe! :D

2. The fresh apple smell always makes you smile right before taking a sip :)

Somersby's apple cider is so wonderfully, well … apple-ly! And the smell just reminds you of fun times, doesn't it? Brb, going to plan a picnic.

3. It has a fruity and floral aftertaste that pleasantly lingers

This refreshing apple cider leaves a pleasant taste on your tongue, much like conversations you have with a bunch of close friends that leave you beaming long after the party ends. A perfect accompaniment to every carefree moment, wouldn't you agree? :D

*No 1 in Total Off Premise in Beer, Stout, and Malt Beverages (Cider Segment) category. Based on Nielsen's Retail Index Service for Beer, Stout, and Malt Beverages (Cider Segment) category for the 12 months ending Jan 2021 in Total Off Premise. 

But wait, the party for Apple Day doesn't stop with this, 'cause the latest Somersby Watermelon is here to join in the fun too!

This new variant by Somersby just launched earlier this year, and has even raked up fans of its own too. No surprise there tho, hehe. 

Bridging the best of both worlds, the newest watermelon-flavoured apple cider is fruity and slightly acidic. The sparkling cider clearly gives off the fresh aroma of watermelon, while retaining its red apple notes.

You want a taste of summer? Just crack open a can or bottle of Somersby Watermelon. Pure bliss with every sip, mmm. You just gotta try it for yourselves. 

Here's more good news — you may get to win cool prizes from Somersby's contest when you enjoy your apple cider too :D

From 11 October until 10 November, you'll stand a chance of winning the latest iPhone, limited edition Somersby kombi van cooler box, Apple Watch, and Somersby products when you share your Apple Day celebrations*.

Just follow these simple steps to join:

1. Purchase at least one can or bottle of Somersby

2. Snap a picture of how you celebrate Apple Day with Somersby

3. Post your picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag @somersbymy with the hashtags #SomersbyAppleDay and #SomersbyMY

5. Submit a photographed copy of the receipt as proof of purchase via Somersby's social media platforms

*Terms and conditions apply

There's more, hehe! Somersby will also be running multiple in-store and online promotions, so you can enjoy Apple Day to the fullest. ;)

Image via SAYS

Supermarket and hypermarket

- From 18 to 31 October
- Buy any four-can pack of Somersby product variants at an attractive price (varies between stores)

Restaurants, cafes, and bars

- From 1 to 31 October
- Buy two Somersby bottles of any variant, and get a free bottle of Somersby Watermelon
- Available at participating outlets only

Lazada, Panda Mart, and Potboy

- 1 to 31 October
- Buy any four-can pack of Somersby products (assorted variants) at RM21.90


- Buy a minimum of 2x four-can packs of Somersby products (assorted variants) for RM21.90 each

Shopee and Lazada

- Get one Somersby Watermelon 320ml for free with any order on the Carlsberg official store


- Buy one Somersby Watermelon 320ml can at RM1 (Limited to one can per order)

PotBoy Mart

- Get one Somersby Watermelon 320ml can for free when you spend a minimum of RM30

So, whatchu waiting for? Join in the Apple Day celebrations with Somersby, happening throughout October!

Image via SAYS

For more information, visit Somersby's Facebook or Instagram today

As a reminder, the legal drinking age in Malaysia is 21 years old. That means you need to be 21 and non-Muslim in order to buy and consume alcohol. Remember to always drink responsibly and in moderation. If you plan to drink, try carpooling with a friend who isn't drinking or catch a cab instead of driving.

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