Got A Laptop Not Being Used? This NGO Will Donate It To Students In Need

Instead of letting them collect dust, donate your computers to this worthy cause!

Cover image via Medical Awareness Camp Outreach (Facebook) & Olena Sergienko/Unsplash

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If you have a laptop or desktop in working condition that's just lying around, this local outreach can refurbish and offer it to students in need for online learning

Medical Awareness Camp Outreach (MACO) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) — registered with the Registrar of Societies — founded by a group of specialist doctors and non-medical volunteers to provide free medical services to the poor.

They also offer meals, food aid, and refurbished computers to students from families of lower income so they can learn online.

According to MACO, around 900,000 students in Malaysia do not have access to devices or the Internet, despite needing them for online learning, especially during this pandemic. 

The NGO's most recent project saw 1,000 laptops donated to 11 schools and school children in the B40 category

MACO also provided cash subsidies for WiFi access as well as installation of broadband services to homes of B40 students.  

"We assist some schools in setting up their computer labs and we work with the teacher in charge of student welfare to identify the students in need. We also receive applications from individuals, shelter homes, groups, etc," committee member Walter Yeoh shares with SAYS.

If you would like to donate, make sure that your computer is in working condition and not too old or beyond repair

"From experience, if the computers are too old, we spend a lot of time doing diagnostics and some of those computers may, in fact, be beyond repair.

"So, we accept functioning computers, which we will repair and ensure that they are complete before distributing them. This includes fitting them with the accessories, where required, e.g. hard drive, monitor, keyboard, webcam, and mouse," he explains.

"We have partners and collaborators, including volunteers who connect MACO to the community in need, help with logistics (collection/drop off/distribution), financial donors and supporters (we don't appeal to the public for funds)."

You can drop off your laptop/desktop or arrange for a delivery. Just contact them in advance to make sure that there is someone to receive it at their IT workshop in Section 51A, Petaling Jaya.

MACO provides pick up services if there is a large number of computers to donate, for example, companies that might be giving away 100 to 200 computers at a time.

You may reach out to them at the contact numbers in the image above or find out more on their Facebook page.

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