vivo's All-New Flagship Series Comes With ZEISS Optics To Level Up Your Photos & Videos

With the new ZEISS lenses, you'll be able to capture gorgeous images, even under low light.

Cover image via RemoNews & vivo Malaysia

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vivo recently unveiled its new flagship series, bringing smartphone photography to whole a new level

Featuring two powerful smartphones – the X70 and the X70 Pro – vivo further redefines photography, where every user can take majestic pictures with just a single tap. 

Designed to perfection, the smartphones carry a luxe look, thanks to its premium and solid build as well as elegant colour options – Cosmic Black and Aurora Dawn. 

Best of all, both the X70 and X70 Pro are available for pre-order now, priced at only RM2,499 and RM3,299 respectively! The X70 comes with three cameras (40MP and two 12MP cameras), while the X70 Pro comes with four cameras (50MP, 8MP, and two 12MP cameras). 

Additionally, the smartphones come with tonnes of cool features to help you power through your day. Check 'em out:

1. Boasting cameras glazed with ZEISS T* coating, the X70 series can capture stunning and crystal clear pictures

Image via vivo Malaysia

One of the main highlights of the X70 series is the cameras, where all lenses have certified compliance to the ZEISS T* Coating, which means that every photo taken appears cleaner and more brilliant with authentic colours. Additionally, the smartphones also have different ZEISS Style Portrait – Distagon, Planar, Sonnar, and Biotar – to suit your camera needs. 

Ever got frustrated with your smartphone capturing blur and disoriented pictures at night? With the X70 series' Pure Night View, you'll notice how every picture has less ghosting and stray light. In other words, you can capture the night's beauty with the X70 series' magnificent camera technology. 

And if that's not enough, the flagship series also boasts a Real-Time Extreme Night Vision feature, so that everything looks brighter instantly in real-time pictures. This means that even with low lighting, the cameras will adjust the lighting to ensure your pictures are well-lit and pleasing to the eyes. 

2. Level up your photography and videography skills with the X70 series' ultra-sensing gimbal camera and pro cinematic mode

Image via vivo Malaysia

Say goodbye to photos and videos that turn out blurry as a result of camera shake. The X70 series comes with ultra-sensing gimbal cameras, which carries the Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 to ensure the cameras focus fast and accurately for stable and clear pictures, even at night.

For videos, the X70 series smartphones come with VIS 5-Axis Ultra Stable Video to cover an even wider angle. Whether you're running or cycling, the cameras are able to record videos with a whole new level of stability to keep up with your pace.

Plus, with the series' Pro Cinematic Mode and Super Night Video, your videos will look professional and clear, even during the night. In other words, you can boost your videography skills with the X70 series!

3. Both the X70 and X70 Pro boast a powerful processor to get you through the day

Featuring a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1,200-vivo 5G Platform, the X70 series carries a solid processor for a super-smooth experience. In fact, vivo highlights that the smartphones have a performance test score of 700,000+, ensuring lightning fast performance.*

And knowing how important it is to minimise battery usage, so you can get through the day without needing to charge your smartphone, the X70 series comes with a 6nm design for improved energy efficiency and better endurance. 

That's not all. The smartphones come with the latest RAM technology, where part of the internal storage will be used for RAM in order to boost the hardware's performance. Moreover, the smartphones are equipped with standard UFS 3.1 ultrafast flash memory, so you can transfer large files quickly.

*According to vivo lab test.

4. Redefine your entertainment experience with the smartphones' enchanting details and colours

Image via vivo Malaysia

Whether you're a gamer or a movie enthusiast, the X70 series smartphones ensure a smooth and terrific experience for you.

In fact, the smartphones come with built-in linear motor, which sends vibrations while gaming, so you can enjoy and feel the intensity of the game. Additionally, with the Hi-Res audio and HDR10+ features, you'll be fully immersed in the screen's vibrant and enchanting details, in addition to the lifelike audio performance.

Plus, with a 120Hz refresh rate and Full HD+ AMOLED display, you'll enjoy a smooth experience as you scroll through the smartphone, while also being mesmerised by its crystal clear and magnificent display. Worried about straining your eyes from staring at the smartphone for long hours? Fret not, 'cause the flagship series' screen comes with SGS Eye Care Display and is SGS Seamless certified, both of which are designed for a comfortable and viewing experience.

All in all, the X70 and X70 Pro are definitely powerhouses that can fulfil your photography needs. In fact, did you know every vivo smartphone goes through rigorous testing before becoming available in the market?

According to vivo, before every mass production of their smartphone series, their R&D team will carry out vigorous testing on the smartphone – dropping it from as high as one to 1.5 metres, rolling it over 300 times, twisting them 500 times, sitting on and pressing it 1,000 times, plugging and unplugging it 10,000 times, and pressing its side button 150,000 times.

That's right. vivo ensures that a smartphone's hardware, structure, and software are tested in their vivo Central Laboratory before mass production. For instance, in order to improve user experience of mobile phones in extreme climates, vivo has extended the temperature test range to -40ºF - 167ºF. During this period, over 7,000 to 10,000 mobile phones are scrapped after the testing.  

Additionally, all of vivo's products have obtained authoritative third-party certification to ensure they are safe and in good condition to use. In fact, vivo Central Laboratory has recently passed the certification of CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment).

Ultimately, vivo guarantees the quality of each of their smartphones, including their newest flagship, the X70 and X70 Pro

Image via RemoNews

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to vivo's website to purchase the all-new vivo X70 or X70 Pro today!

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