Buying Someone A Meal, Donating To Charity & Other Acts Of Kindness You Can Do For Ramadan

Together, we can kongsi kebaikan to those in need and ensure no one gets left behind. <3

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During the holy month, It is important to remember that fasting isn't the only obligation we should be practising

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Ramadan is also known as the month of giving. It involves helping others, be it our own friends and family or those less privileged than ourselves. Also, the act of giving becomes even more meaningful when we band together to help the community, like when Malaysians helped each other during the pandemic with #kitajagakita. <3

Together, we can take the step to kongsi kebaikan to those in need and ensure no one gets left behind!

Here are four acts of kindness we can practise this Ramadan:

1. Treating someone to a hearty meal for iftar is a great way to show you care

No one deserves to go hungry, especially after a whole day of fasting, right? If you know anyone facing financial difficulties or unable to afford a meal, consider buying them food for them to buka puasa with. Who knows, you might just make their day!

Getting affordable meals while supporting local merchants is possible with Maybank's Sama-Sama Lokal platform on the MAE app, as there are RM5 meals available from their Menu Rahmah options.

2. Saving a certain amount of money in your bank account specifically for charity ensures you're always ready to make a donation

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Giving to charity greatly benefits those in need. One easy way to do so is by saving a fixed amount of money (based on how much you are capable of giving) in your bank account, then transferring it to your preferred charity organisation during Ramadan or whenever needed.  

Another way you can help is to pledge or register for 'You Save & Pledge, We Donate #ForYou' by Maybank. When the number of pledges reaches 20,000, the bank will donate RM100,000 to causes supported by MaybankHeart.

3. Donating to emergency relief and humanitarian aid is crucial to ensure they receive the basic necessities

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Disaster-stricken communities in countries such as Ukraine, Palestine, and more desperately need contributions, such as food, clean water, medical aid, and house repairs. No matter how small you feel your contribution may be, it's important to remember that every penny counts. 

Contribute to a sustainable emergency fund when you spend with the Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Card. Together with MERCY Malaysia, the funds collected will be channeled toward emergency relief, humanitarian aid, and community development.

4. Volunteering for programmes such as soup kitchens allows you to directly help the needy

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Most of these programmes, catered towards communities in need, are always looking for volunteers to help out. It's a great way to be on-the-ground and meet these communities face to face, while having a better understanding of their plight.

Companies such as Maybank and Maybank Islamic will be organising buka puasa programmes for communities in need, such as orphanages and Tahfiz students. Dates will be distributed to selected Maybank branches under the Tautan Kasih programme.

This Ramadan, Maybank is rallying the rakyat to kongsi kebaikan and make a difference to impacted communities

As the bank's mission is 'Humanising Financial Services', they aim to promote economic development and social wellbeing in the communities they operate in.

From now until 21 April, you can be a part of the 'Kongsi Kebaikan Bersama Maybank' campaign, which also serves to encourage the general public to commit acts of goodwill for each other. <3

Other ways Maybank Islamic is helping the community is through the Regional Ramadan Relief programme, where over 7,000 families from 11 countries will receive aid

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In the spirit of giving back to the community, food and supplies will be provided to these low-income households to ensure they meet their basic nutritional needs throughout the holy month. 

Additionally, you can carry out your Zakat obligations with the MAE or M2U app

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To make a donation, simply use Scan and Pay at the QR codes that are available at selected mosques. Check out the list of mosques that have QR codes here.

Jom, let's come together and commit acts of goodwill this Ramadan! To find out more about how you can help the community, head over to Maybank's website.

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