This Super Aesthetic Bazaar By CIMB And Poptron Featured Over 100 Curated Micro Brands

Many of these local brands are socially conscious and give back to the community.

Cover image via CIMB & Cocova

CIMB and local startup Poptron recently hosted the #ExtraOrdinary Bazaar from 4 to 10 September at Publika Shopping Gallery

Image via CIMB

The bazaar marks the partnership between CIMB and social commerce platform Poptron to help accelerate the growth of homegrown micro brands.

It featured a range of curated lifestyle brands, paying tribute to our local talent and unique local products in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

Image via CIMB

There were also special appearances at the launch event including KL’s rap sensation Zamaera, well-known YouTube personality Jenn Chia, as well as other personalities including Sharifah Amani.

The bazaar also featured interactive artistic acts and games, in addition to cultural performances courtesy of Yayasan Hasanah.

Image via CIMB

According to Poptron CEO Brian Johnson Lowe, the startup wants to celebrate the stories and people behind the beautiful products

Image via CIMB

Poptron recently launched its social commerce platform, featuring a curated list of 100 local micro and emerging brands spanning seven categories. Many of these micro brands were handpicked because they share ethical and socially conscious aspirations, while others offer natural and eco-friendly products, or artisanal goods that showcase the Malaysian heritage.

"Poptron is about nurturing a community that loves and appreciates emerging brands, beautiful products, and the wonderful creators behind them. It’s such a heartwarming experience to hear their stories and understand the true passion and pride that goes into what they create," said Brian.

"As a social e-commerce platform, we want to inspire meaningful lifestyles so that together, we encourage a society that can collectively amplify positive impact," he added.

Here's a look at some of the curated brands you can find on social commerce site Poptron:

1. Cocova, single origin chocolate buttons, drinks & nuts

2. Zeve Shoes, handmade leather shoes for men

3. Mandi, bath and personal care products featuring special flavours and scents

4. Nourish and Nibbs, nourishing treats for health-conscious enthusiasts

5. Fireworks House, ethical fashion and handmade products

The #ExtraNotOrdinary Bazaar was also made possible thanks to CIMB and their newly launched CIMB e Credit Card

Image via CIMB

The #ExtraNotOrdinary Bazaar encouraged the use of cashless transactions by providing extra rewards via the newly launched CIMB e Credit Card.

Designed to suit the needs of customers' digital-first lifestyle, the CIMB e Credit Card powered by Visa provides extra value for online, e-wallet, contactless, and auto billing transactions. You'll get to enjoy up to 12 times bonus points, as well as extravagant rewards on CIMB eDay, which falls on the 10th of every month.

Truly in the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, CIMB will be continuing its partnership with Poptron even after the #ExtraNotOrdinary Bazaar and help support the 100 curated local micro brands on Poptron.

For more information on the CIMB e Credit Card, head over to their website or check out this story:

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