[PHOTOS] This English Cottage Was Featured In 'Harry Potter' And Now You Can Stay In It

De Vere House is not only an iconic 'Deathly Hallows' location, but also steeped in medieval history.

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In the lovely little village of Lavenham, sits a quaint cottage called 'De Vere House'

According to its Airbnb page, De Vere House - locted in England, UK - is a highly acclaimed bed and breakfast accommodation that has now opened a listing with the lodging and tourism online marketplace.

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And you may be wondering why this humble cottage is deserving of a shout-out...

Well, that's because it's also a very important location in the 'Harry Potter' universe.

You know which one, Potterheads.

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The house was featured in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part I' as the home where the titular character was born and where his parents were also murdered

In the movie, the house is located in the fictional 'Godric's Hollow' - a village named after the Gryffindor founder, who was born there.

In reality, the 14th century building is among about 340 listed buildings in Lavenham that are considered to be the best-preserved medieval village in England, reported BBC.

As of September 2019, it was also on the market with a price tag of GBP950,000 (approximately RM5 million).

While fans only get glimpses of the building and its ruins in the movie, the cottage is very much intact and makes for a cosy lodging

The Reading room.

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The Dining room.

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BBC reported that it was named after the De Vere family, who was the second-richest family after the king in medieval times. It is said that they "were responsible for creating much of Lavenham's medieval grandeur".

The house, which was previously named Oxenford House and Oxford House, retains all of its period features including its massive timber frame, fireplaces, wall paintings, and a rare stone spiral staircase with a carved brick handrail.

For RM641 a night, you could live out your dreams of being a wizard or witch in Godric's Hollow

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Lady Howard bedroom.

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Guests will get:
- A private room with a four-poster bed and an en suite bathroom fit for two,
- WiFi access,
- A private guest sitting room with log fire,
- A private courtyard garden, and
- Full English breakfast that will be taken each morning in the Dining Room of the main wing of the house.

You can make a booking here.

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