9 Magical Things From Typo's 'Harry Potter' Collection That Are Worth Your Galleons

Time to Avada Kedavra your bank account.

Cover image via Instagram @vivolovestypo/Twitter @Nasrulz92 (edited by SAYS)

Accio, bank card! Typo has released a new magical collection that would make you wish you could Obliviate any knowledge of it.

Ready to feel like you're at Hogwarts? Here are some of the items you can get:

1. Hedwig Get Cushy Cushion

Legit too cute to handle! You just want to grab him, hold him tight, and never let go. Book seven never happened, yes?

And if Hedwig isn't your thing (which should be illegal), then you can get the cushion with the Hogwarts coat of arms instead!

2. Marauder's Map Heat Sensitive Mug

Top it off with some piping hot Butterbeer and watch as the mug 'comes alive', just like the map.

3. Hogwarts Houses Scarf

Honestly, which Harry Potter collection is complete without house scarves? These even have the names of the Hogwarts Houses knitted in, for the Muggles who can't identify by colours alone.

4. Cauldron Pen Holder

Image via Typo Malaysia

So you can bring a little magic to the office, or as Typo recommends, even for the bathroom!

However, it likely won't work for potion-making. :p

5. 'Swish & Flick' Multi Zip Cosmetic Case

Image via Typo Malaysia

I like big bags and I cannot lie. This will make the perfect pencil case or make up bag, or for storing anything else for travelling!  

6. Hogwarts Houses PJ Tee

Image via Typo Malaysia

With the PJ tee, you're all set for that Harry Potter slumber party-cum-movie marathon! The tees are made of 100% cotton and are available in sizes S to XL.

7. Harry Potter Novelty Slippers

These novelty slippers have three variations, including a Hedwig and Golden Snitch design!

8. Hedwig Novelty Blanket

There is no shortage of Hedwig-themed items. Hedwig is the best character. 

9. Big Spells Book-Shaped Novelty Light

It combines everything Potterheads love - books and magic!

There's even a whole bunch of smaller merchandise that would make perfect stocking stuffers...

... Which you can then stuff into these House-themed stockings! :p

This user added a personal touch to their Hogwarts-themed stockings by adding the names of family members on them, using stickers.

No worries if you can't knit your family members a Weasley sweater this year!

Image via GIPHY

Shop the full collection on Typo's website or head over to the nearest store!

Need more gift suggestions? We've got you covered!

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