Eating BBQ, Steamboat, And Heaty Food In Our Hot Malaysian Weather. Yay Or Nay?

'Cause you gotta fight fire with fire!

Cover image via Urban Matter & Fun 'N Taste

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Some Malaysians love eating heaty food, whether it's BBQ, steamboat, spicy tomyam, or any kind of deep fried goodness. While others... not so much.

Image via FoodAdvisor

From BBQ chicken wings fresh off the charcoal, to piping hot steamboat soup, some of us love eating heaty food regardless of the weather or temperature outside.

However, not all of us appreciate getting drenched in sweat while eating in the sweltering Malaysian heat. Some of us prefer having our hot meals within the comfort of air conditioned rooms, while others even try to avoid heaty food in general.

So, BBQ, steamboat, and other heaty food in our hot weather. Are you #teamyay or #teamnay? Here's what Malaysians say:

1. "YAYYY HOTPOTTTT! Anytime, any weather, it's always a good idea!"

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Image via Fried Chillies

"Hotpot is my soul food. I will eat it indoors, outdoors, whatever temperature also nehmai."

- Evelyn

2. "Yass, BBQ outdoors is the best. You'll definitely get smelly and sweaty, but it's always worth it."

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Image via Serious Eats

"When eating BBQ or steamboat, need to eat until sweat only syok. That's why eating it during the hot weather is the best. The sweat will drip into your food and add extra flavour some more hahaha! Of course, the smoke will make you smelly and sweaty, cannot lari wan, but you're gonna bathe afterwards anyways so it doesn't really matter."

- Nelson

3. "No way, I will only eat steamboat if the place got aircond, or if I'm at Genting or Cameron Highlands"

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Image via Cameron Highlands Malaysia

"I seriously don't understand people who crave for hot food like steamboat in the heat. For me, I hate sweating when I eat, so if no aircond I won't eat. But if it's super cooling at night, or I'm up in Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands, steamboat is perfect."


4. "Yay, I can slurp down a hot bowl of curry mee, no matter how panas it is outside"

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Image via Hungry Onion

"I grew up eating hot soup noodles like curry mee almost every day. There's just something about waiting in the hot kopitiam for your food, then slurping it down when it's piping hot. Must sweat and eat like that only got feel, if eat in aircond restaurant you won't get this kind of feel one."

- Boon

5. "There's nothing like digging into Korean BBQ or extra spicy dakgalbi with melted cheese"

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Image via foodpanda

"One thing that I will never say no to is Korean food. No matter how hot the weather is, I still love grilling Korean BBQ meats and eating dakgalbi marinated with spicy gochujang sauce. The burn is painful but sooo worth it!"

- Sammy

6. "Every time I eat spicy tomyam, I don't feel guilty 'cause it's like you're exercising and sweating while eating hahaha"

Image via Fun 'N Taste

"I know I'm in denial tbh, but who cares, amirite?"


7. "No way, on a hot day, I'm not going out unless you bring me to a nice cafe to eat some cold dessert"

Image via Lifestyle Asia

"The Malaysian weather already so hot, and you want to eat more heaty food?! No, thank you."

- Liz

8. "Yay, 'cause you gotta fight fire with fire!"

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Image via The Woks of Life

"This may sound counter intuitive, but when you eat something hot and spicy in the warm weather, it actually brings up your body temperature, which makes your body sweat and cool down. Mala hotpot all the way for me!"

- Chun

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