10 Things You Should Know Before Attending A Music Festival

The key to the best fun is preparation!

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The festival season is near and whether if it's your first time attending one or if you're already a festival pro, these tips are great which can serve as a guide or a nice reminder amidst all the buzzing excitement:

1. Treat yourself to a VIP package if the benefits are amazing

Find out if the festival offers a VIP package which you could benefit from. Trust us, the privileges that come with it will make your festival experience so much sweeter the minute you don't have to fight for good views of the music acts playing. It will all be worth it in the end and transform your experience.

2. Stalk the list of sponsors to score yourself some freebies

Read up on the list of sponsors for the festival beforehand and stalk them like crazy! Sponsors typically have special promotions and activations going on for these sort of events, so keep an eye out on their social media pages or on-ground booths to claim prizes or just to enjoy the experience they are providing. You'd be amazed how many people miss out on these things and regret them later.

3. Consider taking public transport or taxi because you'll be tired after the festival

If the festival ground is easily accessible by public transport or taxis, it might be worth it to go for those options, whichever is more convenient and economically-friendly. You're gonna be having lotsa fun and by the end of the festival day, you'll be absolutely pooped. The last thing you want to do is brave through the traffic, driving the dreaded long ride home. Just sit back, take a nap while someone else does the driving for you.

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4. But if you really want to drive, make it easier on yourself by parking near the exit instead of the entrance, even if you arrive early

We totally get it, you found a precious parking near the entrance and thought you struck gold because you don't have to walk for miles to get in but that decision might just come back to bite you in the butt. A lot of the times, festival grounds have a separate exit from the entrance, and you definitely want to be parking near the exits, not the entrance. Because when the festival is over and you're tired, you just wanna get to your car ASAP to drive back home.

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5. Look out for a spot with an excellent view of the acts playing and STAY. PUT. no matter what

What's the point of even going to music festival in the first place if you're just gonna spend the whole night stuck in the middle of a crowd, not being able to see anything? Keep an eye out for high ground or viewing decks to enjoy an unobstructed view of your favourite acts.

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6. Bring along a great attitude with you - be open, friendly, and don't be the party pooper!

Here's the thing, most likely things will not go as you planned and won't exactly be what you imagined it to be but hey, it's a festival. Anything goes, and it's okay, and it's a beautiful thing. Just make the best of the situations and go with the flow, as cheesy as it sounds. You'll be happier and have more fun! A great attitude is just as infectious as a bad one, so make sure you set the right tone for the rest of the time you're there. Nobody likes a party pooper during a festival, so don't be one!

7. Pack your backpack as how you would an apocalypse (kinda)

Nothing can ever go wrong with being over-prepared. So, get your arsenal of toiletries ready like plenty of baby wipes (and we really mean plenty), toilet roll, hand sanitiser, deodorant, dry shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.

Some other festival essentials include sunscreen, vitamins, medicine, comfortable footwear, sunglasses, light outerwear, picnic blanket, glasses and contacts solutions (if you're wearing contacts). Also, it doesn't hurt to get them in travel or compact size if you can.

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8. Leave those valuables and flashy smartphone at home

It goes without saying, your valuables are best left at home. The festival is no time to show off your flashy jewellery or your great grandmother's vintage ruby ring. It's also a great idea to leave that flashy smartphone at home, and bring a cheap phone you don't mind losing instead. We get it, you wanna be Snapchatting the flower crown filter during the festivals, but hey, priorities!

9. Pace yourself. Save your the craziest day for the last night!

It's finally happening. The day of the festival! You're excited, your friends are excited, everybody is excited. No better time to go crazy and let your freak flag fly, right? But easy there, tiger. You don't wanna exhaust yourself to the limit on the first day if it's a festival which runs for a few days. Pace yourself, and leave your craziest day for the last day because let's be honest, everybody knows the last day is always the best. ;)

10. What goes up, must come down. So prepare for that.

Having the best festival experience includes the post-festival journey as well, because coming back to reality after a few days of kickass time can be rough on a person's psyche. Many head straight back to work after the festival without decompressing and letting themselves the time to come down from their festival 'high' or spirits. If you work allows for it, take an extra day or two off to get some much-needed rest. Also, run a nice bath or a long, relaxing shower. Basically, if you're not a prune yet, don't get out. You won't regret it!

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Sharing handy tips to have more fun never hurt nobody! Hence, Heineken wants to help you get the most out of your music festival experience and truly #LiveYourMusic.

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Besides wishing that the music festival never ends, what else is on your wish list for your city?