You Need To Do These 6 Things In Hong Kong With Your Bros

Because YOLO!

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Having your bae around is awesome and all but we get it, sometimes you just need some time off with your bros!

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It's time for the ultimate brocation, and as it turns out, Hong Kong is a pretty darn awesome place for that

There are so many contrasting sides to Hong Kong just waiting to be discovered so round up the guys and hop off on one adventure after another. Whether you're seeing Hong Kong through its glittering skyscrapers, from under its blue waters or from high up on its green hills, the city promises the vacation of a lifetime!

For a start, here are some must-try things in Hong Kong:

1. Eat your heart out at Kowloon City

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With its many, many coffee shops and unassuming restaurants, Kowloon City is a treasure trove of amazing eats just waiting to be discovered. For something a little quirkier than the standard dim sum brunch, head on over to Loke Yen at the Kowloon City Wet Market and try their famous super buttery Beef Satay French Toast!

A trip to Hong Kong is not complete without an egg tart pit-stop at Hoover Cake Shop. Its perfectly-flaky pastry and silky smooth egg filling is so phenomenal, it's Chow Yun Fat-approved!

Bonus: If you're in Hong Kong in autumn, you're just in time to celebrate the hairy crabs season! This is the time you'll see an endless array of this seafood delicacy being served up on Hau Wong Road - from steamed hairy crab with glutinous rice, to crab wontons to crab broth.

How to get there:
To get to Kowloon City, exit the MTR Mong Kok Station and take Bus 1A or 2A. Stop just before Regal Oriental Hotel.

2. Have a drink at Lan Kwai Fong

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This bustling, buzzing nightlife spot is where the party's at! With over 100 bars, clubs, and cafes crammed into an L-shaped, cobble-stoned street, picking the perfect spot to lepak at can be quite the challenge.

If you wanna have your drinks with a side of live music, check out the bands at Graffiti. If you and your bros are looking for something a little more atas to pair your drinks with, head on over to Bisque and try their awesome lobster creations. For something cozier, have a drink at the izakaya-style Keyaki.

How to get there:
Take Exit D1 from the MTR Central Station and the walk to Lan Kwai Fong will take you about 10 minutes.

3. Shop for the latest shoes at Fa Yuen Street

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It's not nicknamed Sneaker Street for nothing; this happening spot in Mong Kok is the best place to get your footwear shopping sorted! You can get the latest releases and limited editions of sneakers, trainers and basketball shoes here.

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Their range, which comes from all over the world, is so extensive that even LeBron James has been spotted hitting up the sneaker shops!

How to get there:
Fa Yuen Street is about a 5-minute walk away from MTR Mong Kok Station.

4. Hike the Dragon's Back trail

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See a different side of Hong Kong on this wildly-popular trail, providing panoramic views of the bustling city against the South China Sea from high up. Awarded Asia's best urban hiking trail by TIME, the trail offers a mesmerising array of sights throughout the walk, from the sleepy, rural parts of the island to the stunning local foliage on its majestic peaks.

How to get there:
Take Exit A from the MTR Shau Kei Wan Station and walk to the Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. Take either Bus 9 or the minibus with the sign 'Shek O', and alight at To Tei Wan, Shek O Road to reach the starting point of the trail.

5. Go flyboarding at Big Wave Bay Beach

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Round up the gang for some watersports at Big Wave Bay Beach! The place is especially popular for windsurfing and jet-skiing, but for something really extraordinary, then flyboarding is the way to go. Saddle up with jet packs on your feet, and hover over the water. Yes, the future really is here ;)

How to get there:
Take Exit A3 from the MTR Shau Kei Wan Station and walk to the Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. Take Bus 9 and alight at Big Wave Bay Beach.

6. Relax at Repulse Bay

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The popular beach is home to Cabana, a Japanese-themed retreat combining equal parts luxury and relaxation. After all the adventures through Hong Kong, take a breather on one of their lounge beds or hop into one of their iconic Japanese wooden bath tubs!

So, which activity will be #1 on your HK brocation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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