Struggling To Find The Right Shade? These 5 Brown Babes Share Their Go-To Makeup Products

From blush shades to the perfect eyeshadow palette, we've got you covered!

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As a brown woman, there are a fair share of challenges we face in society, one of which is looking for the right shade of makeup products

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From looking for the perfect foundation match to finding the right shade of lipstick that complements your skin tone, it's not easy to navigate through the aisles of makeup stores or drugstores, as most brands don't usually curate makeup shades for babes with tan or darker skin tones.

Don't worry, we're here to help you brown girlies out! 

Here's a list of makeup products with shades that will go well with your skin tone, according to fellow Malaysian brown girlies:

1. First up, it's me! Blushes tend to either not show up or look way too bright on brown skin, but this blush from wet n wild gives a subtle and natural flushed look.

"I used to not see the reason behind wearing blush, but ever since I discovered the Mellow Wine shade from wet n wild, I can't live without it now. I love that it adds a hint of colour to my face, making it look like I'm naturally blushing.

"I'll swipe the blush on my cheeks and also a tad bit on my nose to blend everything together." 

- Imelda

You can purchase the wet n wild blush here

2. Tracy has been using the Maybelline Foundation in Spicy Brown since she started using makeup 'cause it's one of the few drugstore shades that matches her skin tone

Image via Tracy/SAYS

"I enjoy the Fit Me range of products from Maybelline for a natural-matte finish look. It's a perfect fit for the humid Malaysian weather and ideal for those who easily get oily skin like me. 

"What's even better is that it's brown-girl friendly. It's not an easy task to look for a foundation that matches darker skin tones and doesn't break the bank, but this foundation checks all those boxes."

- Tracy

You can find Tracy's Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation in Spicy Brown here.

3. Sam loves the ColourPop highlighter, Wisp, as the golden champagne colour complements her skin well, giving a light pop of shimmer

"My favourite product is a highlighter from ColourPop, specifically the Wisp shade. It's great for brown skin and gives some depth to the face while still looking natural.

"What I like to do is add it to my eyelids as well, giving a bit of pop to bring out my eyes."

- Samantha

You can buy the ColourPop highlighter here.

4. To transform from a day look to a night look, Shervina only needs one eyeshadow palette, which is the Sun Shadow Sephora Pocket Palette

"Not only is this palette compact, but it also has high pigmentation. It can be seen on melanin-rich skin, as well as every other skin tone. We love a product that is all about inclusivity!"

"There are neutral matte colours and also fun shimmery colours, making it fun to do a variety of makeup looks. You can go from simple everyday makeup to glam looks. Talk about being super versatile!"

- Shervina

Love the colours of this palette? You can visit a Sephora store near you or purchase it here.

5. Finding the perfect nude lip colour is a struggle for melanin-skin babes, but Tamara found hers at MAC and ColourPop

On the right, Tamara is the one in the yellow top.

Image via Carousell | Tamara/SAYS

"I love a nude lip but let's be honest, most of the nude lip colours in store are always too pink or too pale for our brown skin. They're always catered to fairer skin tones.
"I recently discovered Whirl by MAC and it's the absolute best nude lip shade. My only wish is that it's more durable on my lips! If you want something that lasts, try the Whirl lip liner by MAC instead, or Beeper Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick by ColourPop that is just as pretty."

If you want to get your hands on the Whirl lipstick, head over to your nearest MAC store. There might be chances that it's sold out, so do check with the salesperson for stock in other outlets.

- Tamara

You can get the MAC lip liner here and the ColourPop liquid lipstick here.

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