This M'sian Created Water-Activated Eyeliner Palettes For Makeup Lovers To Play With

Why use boring black eyeliners when you can step up your eye makeup game with these colourful water-activated eyeliners by Strangerous!

Cover image via Afie Rohim (Provided for SAYS) & @fahadiman (Instagram)

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Here's how Afie created her own makeup brand and kickstarts the graphic eye makeup trend in Malaysia

Afie Rohim is a 27-year-old businesswoman who created Strangerous, a local brand that sells water-activated eyeliner palettes for graphic makeup. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and ships not only locally, but to Singapore as well!

Apart from running a business, she is also a freelance editorial makeup artist.

"I always knew I wanted to come out with eyeliners ever since I went into the makeup scene," she told SAYS in an interview.

Sitting down for lunch one day, Afie and her close friend discussed her desire to come up with a creative makeup brand.

"And from there, Strangerous was made… in a Korean restaurant."

Afie pivoted her career from fashion designing to makeup after gaining experience from an internship with a local fashion brand, Anaabu

Equipped with a degree in Fashion Design, she started her own fashion brand named after herself, Afie Rohim. 

The brand, unfortunately, did not last long. But instead of giving up, she decided to use her experience doing makeup for campaigns during her internship, to change her career.

Despite the opportunities that she had working with others, Afie yearned for more to satisfy her creativity

She had taken makeup jobs for creatives, brands, and local artists.

"I even did content creation for brands," she told SAYS.

"It wasn't enough for my creative outlet, so I finally decided to create Strangerous," she added.

Strong support and positive reactions from the people around her are what make Afie feel like it's all worth it

When asked about the response from the public and her loved ones when Strangerous's first palette, Mata-Mata: Essentials, was launched, Afie said, "The reaction from everyone was so overwhelming yet it was so amazing to me. I feel so thankful for them."

"Essentials is the very first palette that I came out with and it is the palette that will always have a special place in my heart"

Afie explained that she named the shades in her first palette after the things that she personally likes and that she finds cool.

"Something that represents me in a way," she added.

The name of the shades ranges from her favourite song to her favourite fictional creature, Pokémon.

"For Soft Tears, I just knew right off the bat that I wanted it to have a mythical fairy inspiration"

Mata-Mata: Soft Tears is Strangerous's second palette that was just released in June this year. Contrasting to the first palette, this one consists of beautiful pastel colours for makeup lovers to experiment with.

According to Afie, she worked with an amazing local artist who specialises in fairy illustration, Shuhufan, to create this palette.

Afie's ambition does not just stop here as she aims to create more for Strangerous

"I would like to put my fashion design degree into good use and maybe create a fashion brand under Strangerous," she told SAYS when asked about her goals for this brand.

Apart from wanting to develop the brand, she also aims to expand the team to be able to work with more amazing and talented people.

Most importantly, Afie assures us that she will create something that everyone can wear, so stay tuned!

She shared with SAYS that they are releasing a third palette soon

"I really had fun naming the shades for this palette," said Afie.

She also teased the release by saying that the next palette will be in collaboration with yet another amazing local artist, and that we might find out who it is soon!

"By soon, it might be October? Maybe."

Bored with using regular black liquid eyeliner for your makeup routine? Try out Strangerous water-activated eyeliners and step up your makeup game!

The palettes come with three brushes you can use to draw your graphic eye makeup.

Is this your first time trying out graphic makeup? If yes, don't be scared! There's always a first time for everyone. Strangerous includes a guide card for you with every purchase.

Visit Strangerous on Instagram.

Grab their palettes on Shopee.

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