This Malaysian Went From Reviewing Books To Opening Her Very Own Library Café

Finally, a place where we can have our main character moments!

Cover image via Orchid's Library Cafe

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Meet Dayana.

Also known as @orchidslibrary, she is a 'booktok' influencer who successfully opened a library café perfect for fellow book lovers.

Dayana is a 21-year-old 'booktok' influencer — a person who shares book-related content on TikTok — with a passion for reading books and striving for a healthy lifestyle. Aside from being Orchid's Library café owner, she is also a weight loss coach who helps people lose weight healthily.

"I read, I have my own collection of books, so I figured why not share with others around me?" Dayana shared with SAYS in an interview.

She managed to open this café after earning a good income from her online coaching program and realised her New Year's resolution and all-time dream, with unconditional support from her parents.

"It is still a process for me as someone who was exposed at a young age. I do admit it's a lot to take in, but I'm willing to go through it all, embrace those challenges, and work hard towards making it work."

Dayana tells us she is most grateful to Allah SWT and her parents who have taught her a lot in her journey to become an entrepreneur. She hopes to give more opportunities and share what she learnt with others around her.

"I want the place to be a safe haven for readers and non-readers alike"

The ambience of the café makes it a perfect place for those who are looking for new spaces to study, do work, or for hangouts with friends.

If you want to read the books available there, all you have to do is register the title chosen in the logbook provided. All of the books available on the shelves are from Dayana's own collection, which she has already finished or is currently reading.

Readers can find Dayana's personal annotations in the collection of books at the café. She encourages readers to annotate the books on the shelves with comments and thoughts on the storyline and characters, especially the ones she hasn't read. In this way, everyone is able to share their own opinions with other readers.

Drink smoothies and eat waffles while you escape into another world with the books at the library café

"When people hear the phrase 'library café', they automatically think coffee, but Orchid's Library stands out with our variety of smoothies and energising refresher drinks," she said when asked what sets them apart.

All the smoothies in the café are named after her favourite fictional characters, like the Choco Darkling Smoothie, which is named after a character from Shadow and Bones trilogy.

As for the menu, they only use premium ingredients and try to reduce sugar usage in the food. Dayana encourages healthy eating, thus the items on the menu are all made with high-protein and low-calorie ingredients while still ensuring a delicious taste.

They'll also be launching a new iced protein coffee soon.

She believes that the reading community in Malaysia is gradually growing

"The current Malaysian community is growing bigger as people have begun accepting the idea of reading and how it's not boring after all! It can be fun, and it can be filled with so many emotions," Dayana said.

Catch a glimpse of how cosy and aesthetically-pleasing Orchid's Library café is:

Orchid's Library Cafe also accepts book donations for those who want to donate old books

Here's where to find Orchid's Library Café:

Jalan Gombak, Kampung Kuantan,
53000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours
2pm - 8pm (Wednesday until Sunday)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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