This Snazzy Book Cafe In Jaya One Is A Haven To Unwind And Relax In After A Busy Day

Book your own pod, and spend the day reading or sleeping!

Cover image via @metime_bookcafe (Instagram) & MeTime Book Cafe (Facebook)

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Sometimes work, social lives, and even family can be a little too overbearing, and the only thing that'll cure the burnout is some quality time — alone

Nestled in a corner at Jaya One comes MeTime Book Cafe, an establishment that allows you to completely unwind, and immerse yourself into a nirvana of relaxation.

Bearing resemblance to manga cafes popular in Japan, this establishment allows you to do much more than just having a meal

A special feature of MeTime are the sleeping pods that exist within the vicinity. For a two-hour rate, you'll be able to use the space for your own personal pursuits, which include sleeping, reading a book, having some tea, or just peacefully basking in silence.

Among some of the features in the pod include two divided alcoves (where you can sit up instead of lying down), a tatami mat laid out in the form of a mattress, a stool, and a bed tray, that can also double as a laptop table.

There are multiple electrical outlets within one pod, so you won't need to fret about charging a phone, laptop, or tablet if you bring one along. 

A bunch of cushions are also stuffed within the pod, ensuring comfort at all times.

If you'd like to imagine falling asleep under a starry sky, opt for one of the high sleeper booths instead, to catch a glimpse of the ornate string lights on the ceiling. 

It's a more exposed version in comparison to the pod, however, dividers are available in case you don't want to share the space. The furniture layout is essentially similar to the pod, with the exception of the inclusion of a bean bag for the high sleeper section.

A highlight of the locale would have to be their plethora of reading materials, that span over shelves upon shelves of books

Primarily containing manga comics, all the books at MeTime are only for in-store reading, and are not available for purchase or borrowing to take home.

However, you are allowed to bring in your own books when visiting the cafe. The establishment does prioritise the goal of helping you to unwind, after all!

But if reading isn't your particular slew for settling down, MeTime offers a variety of services to help sooth your stresses

Meditation sessions are offered periodically at MeTime. It is believed that this practice eases symptoms of depression, and helps regulate sleep levels for more consistent slumber sessions

Another service by the MeTime team include carrying out 'Aquera Reports', which are essentially emotional reports through ones voice frequency recordings. More than just a regular consultation, patrons can expect to understand their stress conditions on a deeper level, express themselves emotionally, and understand their personal character traits.

Necessary facilities are provided in the common area, including over-ear headphones to help expedite the report.

MeTime also organises classes to customise essential oils based on your favourite flavour, all using organic materials of course.

But if none of these options work, just take a shower! Like seriously, take a shower. MeTime has a designated shower with shower gel and shampoo, so you can gently cleanse your body with a nice, hot bath. Towels and basic toiletries will be provided.

For a rundown on all the services (including those not mentioned above), click here.

And if nothing fulfils you more than your furry friend, bring them along. MeTime allows pets too!

As of 1 December this past year, MeTime allows pets to be brought in to unwind alongside their owners. Each pet is charged on a one-off basis, RM5 for the first trial, and RM10 for the normal rate.

Here are some of the cutest creatures who have already visited MeTime:

These are some of the rates and membership packages available at MeTime Book Cafe:

Image via MeTime
Image via MeTime

For a further breakdown on the membership packages provided, click here.

Upon arrival, a complimentary serving of either coffee or tea will be supplied by MeTime, though subsequent drinks (other than plain water) will be charged.

Outside food and drinks will be allowed, though only in the common area
. To see the array of drink items available, click here.

Here's where you can find MeTime Book Cafe:

1.010 B, Level 1, The Square, Jaya One,
Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours: 
11am-8pm (Daily).

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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