Old Abandoned House In Titiwangsa Refurbished Into Cosy Cafe That Makes It Feel Like Home

A nostalgic visit to grandma's house.

Cover image via @trexieho (Instagram) & @thokohmakan (Instagram)

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Nestled within a cosy neighbourhood in Titiwangsa is a new cafe that you may easily mistake for someone's house

Is it a cafe disguised as a house, or a house that's actually a cafe?

It turns out that three friends had discovered this old abandoned house in their neighbourhood, and thought it would be a good idea to give it a new lease of life

These three friends are a lawyer, an engineer who loves to bake, and an interior designer who's also a barista. Ashley, Fadz, and On have re-introduced new life into this old residence, and now it's a cosy place to makan and chill.

Known as Kalico Coffee, coffee lovers can walk into this space and instantly feel right at home

The cafe is always gleaming and spotless, as though your grandparents had just finished spring-cleaning the house in anticipation of visitors.

The interior of the cafe is tastefully decorated with traditional wrought-iron grilles and relics, wooden furniture, and concrete blocks

There's also a refreshing pop of green plants strategically placed around the 'house'.

If they look familiar, you probably grew up surrounded by these items. So nostalgic!

Don't be fooled by their homey interior, as they serve up delicious and aromatic cups of coffee that's brewed in-house at their aesthetic coffee counter

They also serve cold brew coffee made from imported coffee beans that are roasted locally and brewed for 18 hours.

Even their food looks like the simple yet delicious home-cooked meals you'd enjoy from the comfort of your own home

Opening hours:
9am – 6pm (Tuesdays to Sundays)
Closed on Mondays.

8, Jalan Chan Chin Mooi, Titiwangsa,
53200 Kuala Lumpur, WPKL

Contact number:
+6011-33308726 (WhatsApp)

Visit their Instagram for more information.

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