This Esports Hotel In Johor Is The First Of Its Kind For Southeast Asia

Reinventing the wheel for what we know vacations to be, check into a room and game your heart out.

Cover image via SEM9 HOTEL

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Smack right in the heart of Johor Bahru comes a hotel unlike any other in Malaysia, or all of Southeast Asia for that matter

Malaysia's first esports hotel is here! SEM9, located in Senai, is described as the intersection of comfort and esports.

Providing a diverse arrangement for different types of clientele, spend a night at this unique hotel that caters to both gamers and non-gamers.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL

Just a three-minute drive from Senai International Airport, head inside this gaming haven that truly resembles a technological masterpiece

There are 11 types of rooms at SEM9. However, the breakdown of each room can be more comfortably divided into four different categories. A fun feature is that all the rooms of SEM9 are soundproof.

The first category has four different types of rooms that essentially spell out the same amenities, provisions, and gaming experience — the S9 Double, S9 Double (Half Day), S9 Triple, and S9 Deluxe

Among some of the common area features include air-conditioning, coffee-maker, and a wall-mounted television, telephone, and special LED lighting effects all around the ceiling and wall panels. As for the toiletries, each bathroom includes a hairdryer, towels, slippers, and essential provisions

When it comes to the gaming features, the S9 Double consists of two special LED gaming desks that enhance the gaming experience. There are also two high-performance gaming PCs with two 24-inch, 165 hertz gaming monitors. Each room has high speed internet connection and Wi-Fi, so you can play as much as you want, to your hearts desire.

As for the bedroom accommodations, there is one king-sized bed that can spaciously cater to two people.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL

The S9 Double (Half Day) room spells out exactly what you can expect, an identical layout to the S9 Double, but you get to book the room out for half a day instead of the full day if you don't feel like staying the night. As for the S9 Triple room, three PCs are provided along with three 24-inch 165 hertz gaming monitors, while the S9 Deluxe room includes four PCs, and four 24-inch 165 hertz gaming monitors.

The S9 Triple room consists of a bunk bed with one super single and one queen-sized bed, comfortably fitting three. The S9 Deluxe comes with two queen-sized beds, which perfectly fits four, while the S9 Double (Half Day) comes with a sofa bed and a bean bag chair that's good for (up to) two people.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL

Assuming that PC games aren't your thing, this second category of rooms are more suitable for those looking to strengthen their nimble fingers

The S9 Cosy and S9 Cosy (Half Day) are identical, with one choice opting for you to stay over while the other does not.

With identical common amenities and LED lighting features, the variation of this room would be the systems of gaming provided.

Each room consists of one PlayStation 5 with two DualSense wireless controllers. Furthermore, there is a 46-inch wall-mounted television for gameplay, and a dedicated wall charger for mobile gaming if you want to switch things up.

This way, you'll get to choose if you want to work up a digital sweat with the PS5, or plug in your mobile device for some variety instead.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL

At the centre point of gaming and luxury comes the S9 Executive room, which is everything you'd need in a gamers wonderland

Turn on the lights and get the complete immersive gaming experience. 

S9 Executive is laid out with a gaming living area and a separate bedroom for the stay. With a king-sized bed and three-seater sofa, this lounge can double as a bed for a third guest. 

For the gaming features in the living area, there are two special LED gaming desks, with two ultra high performance PCs. Each PC is accompanied by their own 24-inch 165 hertz gaming monitors and special LED lights on the ceiling and walls that'll engulf you into a real life video game. 

If you're the third wheel who doesn't wanna feel left out, crash in the bedroom and turn on the 46-inch wall-mounted television for a little break.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL

Last but certainly not least, this fourth category is for the non-gamers who just want a glimpse of what SEM9 has to offer

The S9 Classic King, S9 Classic Twin, S9 Classic Triple, and S9 Classic Deluxe are the same, with the exception of the number of occupants that may inhabit the room. 

Each room consists of the same living and bathroom amenities as the other rooms. With no gaming consoles or PCs, each room merely has a standard wall-mounted television with cable channels viewing

As for the occupancy, the S9 Classic King has one king-sized bed, the S9 Classic Twin has two single beds, the S9 Classic Triple has one queen-sized bed and one single bed, while the S9 Classic Deluxe has two queen-sized beds.

Image via SEM9
Image via SEM9
Image via SEM9
Image via SEM9

If you're feeling a little peckish, head downstairs to the SEM9 cafe to grab a little bite, or a full plate before you game the night away

Serving a variety of local delicacies, the cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, daily. Some of the dishes are even inspired by their favourite video game titles.

Here are the operating hours of the cafe:
- 7am-2pm (Daily).
- 7am-10am (Breakfast).
- 10am-2pm (Lunch).
- Last call at 1.30pm.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL
Image via SEM9 HOTEL

And before you leave, stop by the merchandise shop for a little gift to remember your trip by

From hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, sweatpants and T-shirts, pick up an item that truly suits your personality.

Image via SEM9 HOTEL

Here's where you can find SEM9 HOTEL:

21, Jalan Terminal 1,
81400 Senai, Johor.

Free airport shuttle is provided daily from 5am to 2pm, excluding Saturdays. Contact the hotel for more information.

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