This 3-Storey Homestay Has A Hiking Trail To A Secret Waterfall In The Depths Of Serendah

There's even a private stream to bathe in if you wanna live out your mermaid fantasy.

Cover image via Serendah River Retreat

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The Woodhouse of Serendah River Retreat is an ideal place to immerse yourself back into nature if you're looking to escape the concrete jungle

Located in a rainforest that is an estimated five acres wide of green enchantment, the Serendah River Retreat (SRR) operates as the host for this lush bungalow called Woodhouse. The property is only a 40-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

Within a gated vicinity, enter the premises with assured exclusivity and safety while staying at Woodhouse

Guests will receive a remote control for the autogates upon arrival, and will keep it for the entire trip. Therefore, you'll be the only ones in control of your access to the property for your stay.

Park your car, then cross the private bridge to make your way to the hidden homestay.

You may be in the middle of the forest, but don't worry about communication with the outside world.

Wi-Fi is supplied on the grounds of the bungalow.

Take in the picturesque view of Woodhouse, built around mother nature herself as to not disrupt the growth of multiple species of vegetation

There's even a giant hammock tied on two of the trees, and dangled above a heap of sedimentary rocks.

Spacious enough for a whopping 10 to 18 guests, Woodhouse is an excellent fit for big family vacations, and even company retreats

Spread out over a total of four bedrooms, each bedroom has its own bathroom and air-conditioning, if the cool forest breeze isn't your thing.

As the property is three-storeys tall, one bedroom is on the topmost floor, while the remaining three are spread across the second floor.

If you're concerned about the bugs that invest the forest, mosquito coils and lighters are available so you don't suffer with stings or bites.

For extra protection, bring along your own mosquito repellent.

Though the accommodation is located in the middle of the forest, all the bathrooms come with hot water showers

One towel is provided for each guest, and simple bathroom essentials are supplied, including body soap, shampoo, and one hairdryer in every room.

Since bathing in the river won't clean you completely, get the closest thing by bathing in one of the showers that's facing the forest

The outdoor kitchen is great for a smokey barbecue, or to cook up a storm for breakfast

A full stock of kitchen utensils are provided for the cooking experience. A gas stove, a rice cooker, a toaster, a kettle, frying pans, sauce pots, and a fridge are all provided, and there is even an electric steamboat pot if you wanna have a hot pot session.

There are also some basic breakfast provisions to compliment your stay, including coffee, tea, oranges, eggs, and bread.

The barbecue also has every tool you need for a successful grill, including the pit, charcoal, lighters, fire starter, and aluminium foil among others.

There are even two giant dining tables upstairs near the bridge entrance if you wanna catch an elevated view of the beautiful forest.

If you don't want to look at the trees, enjoy the 50-inch Smart TV with YouTube and Netflix in the outdoor kitchen instead.

Don't forget to take a moment and enjoy the steady and subtle flow of the river at your balcony

The Sungai Selaru river that flows through the surroundings of the bungalow is by far the best attraction of the stay. Look out your window and get the best view of this natural beauty.

There's even a secluded waterfall that's a one hour jungle trek away from the home. Contact the hosts for more information here.

Littering on the premises is strictly forbidden, so remember to clean up after you're done using the facilities. If requested, housekeeping will readily be provided.

So what're you waiting for? Take that break, and book the Woodhouse for your next mini-getaway!

To find out more information, or to make a booking for a stay at Woodhouse, visit the Serendah River Retreat website, or Airbnb page.

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