There's A Cosy Cabin In Hulu Langat With A Private Infinity Pool And Nearby Waterfall

Described as ideal for an intimate group of six, this is a place for you to kick back and relax for some peace of mind.

Cover image via Kasturi Cabin/Daun Retreats

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Making up one third of the trio of sojourns under Daun Retreats, Kasturi Cabin is the ideal place to unwind and spend some time back in nature

Nestled in the abundant foliage of Hulu Langat, Kasturi Cabin has plenty to offer those who are looking for a peaceful retreat without extensive travel.

This secluded cabin has all the amenities you'll need while being encapsulated in greenery from every direction.

Enter the serene and isolated grounds only to be greeted by a cosy yet lush cabin

Flowers and plants overwhelm the exterior of the unit and align the garden at the walkway leading into the cabin.

There's even a picturesque gazebo at the extreme end of the cabin when you walk in through the entrance. 

With three fully air-conditioned bedrooms and two bathrooms, the space can comfortably accommodate six people

Though suitable for six, the stay allows up to eight individuals maximum, just be sure to inform the host of the property when you make the booking.

Each bedroom possesses a queen-sized bed, so everyone will have ample space for this comfortable retreat.

Towels are provided as well, though you may need to request for more if the number of guests exceed the stipulated capacity of six people.

The indoor and outdoor pantry make the perfect setting for barbecues, and just a chill space to hang out with friends

The indoor pantry allows a smooth transition for the dining experience.

Equipped with a dining table that seats 10, the kitchen island strategically placed just an arm's length away from the table allows you to comfortably spread your food out so you don't clutter the table during your meal.

If you feel like cooking some food at the cabin, there's an electric oven, refrigerator, and kettle to aid your preparation process. Food stalls and grocers are also near the area if you need to pick up a few things for your dishes.

The outdoor pantry on the other hand has a generous barbecue pit, with charcoal and a starter kit provided on the property.

Next to the dining area, and therefore the indoor pantry, throw some streak on the barbie and seamlessly carry it over to the kitchen island.

All you need to do is bring the meat!

With an additional charge, you can also request for breakfast if you're lazy to cook.

There's even a tiny lounge area with ceiling high windows for natural sunlight

Board games are provided if you want to instigate some friendly competition among everyone, or to use the corner as a tiny space to ponder on your thoughts.

Don't feel like spending the day indoors? Come outside and watch some television at the dining table. 

As there is a television mounted in the indoor pantry, feast on your meal and watch some movies at the same time. The cabin provides a DVD player with surround sound speakers, so you can sit in the bedroom adjacent from the kitchen and listen to the shows while lying down.

The private infinity pool also gives stunning views overlooking the hills of Hulu Langat

Soak up the tranquility. If you're looking for a bigger body of water, ask the homestay hosts about the waterfall located just a 10-minute drive away from the cabin!

Here's where you can find Kasturi Cabin:

Lot 1476 Jalan Pansoon,
Kampung Lubuk Kelubi Bt 20 1/4,
Ulu Langat.

Click here to find more information about the cabin.

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