[PHOTOS] Bubble Tea Lovers Are Blown Away By This Malaysian Woman's Nail Designs

Bubble tea nails to go with milk tea hair, to go with bubble tea.

Cover image via Tiffany Tay/Facebook

Nail art is not an easy feat. Just ask anyone who has painted their own nails.

It often ends up in a complete mess and looks nothing like what we expected.

Image via Snapguide

These bubble tea nails have recently gone viral online because of how similar they look to the real logos

Manicurist Tiffany Tay wrote in a Facebook post that she spent three days completing her nail designs. Her post has since received 4,200 shares.

As seen in her nail art are:

  • Xing Fu Tang,
  • Chatto,
  • Shi Fen,
  • Pin Tea, and
  • The Black Whale.

Netizens were particularly impressed by the accuracy in her designs, which are extremely similar to the brand's logos

They were also blown away by the detail in her nail art, especially how she was able to make the pearls look 3D for the Shi Fen design.

This is not the first time Tiffany has created bubble tea nails. In June, she created a Xing Fu Tang logo on only one nail.

Funnily enough, Tiffany told SAYS that she has never had Xing Fu Tang before, even though she repeatedly features the brand

According to her Facebook post, she was able to personalise her design for Xing Fu Tang. The logo normally says 'Chen Jia' (which translates to Chen family's), but Tiffany altered it to say Lee Jia, which means Lee family's.

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