Asian Girls Are Now Asking For #MilkTeaHair In Latest Viral Trend

That's the tea.

Cover image via @ravissant_hairstudio/Instagram and Unsplash

With the bubble tea craze in full swing, a new hair colour inspired by the drink has emerged in parts of Asia. Dubbed 'Milk Tea Hair', girls in Singapore and Japan have been increasingly asking for this hair colour.

Just like the different shades of brown you get after mixing milk and tea, #milkteahair can be presented in different hues falling somewhere between light brown and dark blonde depending on your preference

For those interested in getting the colour, colourist Olivia Smalley has a few tips for you

"You want to stress that you're looking for a colour melt look that starts more warm-toned at the root but transitions to ash on the ends.

The key here is making sure there is a complete elimination of gold on those lighter ends, while maintaining gold on the roots," she told Allure in an interview.

Another thing to note is to let your stylist know that you're looking for a neutral tone

You can read more about hair tones here.

You can also get the colour in a Balayage technique, which essentially creates a gradient from the top of your head to the bottom of your hair

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