This Upcoming Artisanal Mall Makes It Easier For Small Brands To Grow Their Business

If you're looking for a place to showcase your small business, Malaysia Grand Bazaar has got you covered.

Cover image via Malaysia Grand Bazaar (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Malaysia Grand Bazaar.

Scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2022, Malaysia Grand Bazaar (MGB) is a cultural and retail hub that provides local artisans and vendors an affordable platform to showcase their goods

MGB is part of a new redevelopment and urban regeneration project by Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), which features modern office suites, residential suites, hotels, as well as retail and entertainment hubs.

The project also sits on the historic site of the former Pudu Prison, making it a piece of the coveted golden triangle area of KL. Plus, it'll be connected to the city's extensive public transportation network, including the upgraded Hang Tuah monorail station.

From local cuisine and handicrafts to special cultural performances, MGB spans two floors, and houses the best of Malaysian heritage under one expansive roof.

MGB is centred on community, which is why it offers affordable rental, on top of essential support to scale your business, especially if you're a small-scale artisan or trader

Mimpi Matamoon, a local business that specialises in handmade clutches and pouches, one of MGB's vendors.

Image via Malaysia Grand Bazaar (Provided to SAYS)

Despite its prime location, tenants at MGB won't have to fork out an exorbitant sum just to secure a retail lot here. This means that local brands and startups can look forward to growing and promoting their businesses, while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

A&A Naturals makes natural skincare products that are carefully formulated with organic and sustainable ingredients.

Image via Malaysia Grand Bazaar (Provided to SAYS)

So, if you own a small business, you'll also be able to connect and share your arts and crafts with both local and foreign tourists, thanks to MGB's artisan mall concept (and location). An ideal place to foster the appreciation for your handiwork and all things Malaysian? Yes, please! :D

Whether you specialise in clothing and apparel, arts and crafts, local snacks and F&B, or jewellery and accessories, you can grow your business with support when you set up shop at MGB

Another one of MGB's vendors, Raaquu, a ceramic art brand.

Image via Malaysia Grand Bazaar (Provided to SAYS)

The perks do not stop there! With MGB Global, local brands can also export their products to international markets — through its e-commerce platform, plus other online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Considering the current situation, businesses worldwide have largely pivoted online these past couple of years. This is why MGB also launched a global e-commerce platform to better serve tenants alongside its retail front.

By partnering with MGB Global, local businesses can seize the opportunity to not only gain new sales channels, but also showcase Malaysian-made products to global consumers. 

Even more good news? MGB is giving away three months' worth of free booth rental to three winners when it opens next year, woohoo!

Complete your business plan with the following questions to participate:

1. What is the background of your business? How did it start and why did you choose this business?
2. What is the speciality of your product?
3. Why should you be chosen as a winner?

That's it! Once you have your answers, email your business plan to [email protected] for your chance to win a spot at Malaysia Grand Bazaar. Deadline for submission is 12 November 2021. Good luck! :D

You can register your interest here or contact MGB via WhatsApp if you have any questions. 

So, whatchu waiting for? If you've been dreaming to take your small business to greater heights, check out Malaysia Grand Bazaar today.

For more info, visit their Facebook page or website.

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