T'ganu Man Fulfils Dream Of Buying Minibus To Travel With His Family Of 15 Across Malaysia

When he finally managed to purchase a minibus, the first place he took his family to was his parents' home in Negeri Sembilan.

Cover image via @rasyiqahrozmi (TikTok)

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A man in Terengganu recently bought a minibus just so he can take his family on roadtrips across the country

TikTok user Rasyiqah Rozmi uploaded a video on Saturday, 23 October, along with a caption that read "Thank you, Allah."

The clip garnered over 424,000 views and 51,500 likes.

Rasyiqah explained in the video that her father had dreamt of buying a minibus for years.

After he finally managed to purchase one, the first place he took his family was his parents' home.

In the clip, Rasyiqah noted that her grandparents lived in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan.

When the government announced that interstate travel was permitted, the entire family went to visit their elders.

She wrote, "Going back to our hometown in Jelebu. The place where my father was born and raised. Meeting his parents after over a year of not meeting due to COVID-19."

In another video, Rasyiqah showed how the minibus looked like from the inside

The minibus can fit up to 17 people. Meanwhile, their entire family consists of 15 people. Rasyiqah has eight siblings, three of them are married and have young children.

The family had placed a box to store shoes by the minibus door.

They also covered the floor with comforters and Rasyiqah noted that two people can sleep comfortably on it.

The interior is spacious and there are individual air conditioning vents over each seat.


Okay nahhhhh khas untuk korang! Ni semua rezeki daripda Allah untuk kami sekeluarga. "A family that travels together stays together" #foreverlove

DJ Beta Janji Beta Jaga Slow Bass - Yudha Paramata

Rasyiqah said that the family would sing along to classic Malay songs during their journey.

Her father's favourite song is Apo Nak Dikato by the band Blues Gang.

"A family that travels together stays together," Rasyiqah wrote on TikTok.

During an interview with mStar, Rasyiqah said, "My father is a loving family man. He is my idol due to his hardworking spirit for his family. He said that he doesn't want his kids to live a difficult life like him."

"After this, my father plans to take the entire family around Peninsular Malaysia. From Terengganu to Kelantan to the north then straight to the south and back to the East Coast," she added.

Travelling together can really strengthen the bond between people:

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