Business Owners! Here Are 7 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Courier Service

Remember, customer satisfaction always comes first!

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It goes without saying that loyal and happy customers are what makes a business successful

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Whatever business you run, customers are always first — they're the ones buying your goods or services, giving you all that kaching kaching to keep your business running! They are also the ones leaving you reviews and recommending (or bad mouthing) your brand to their social circles. 

In this day and age, with everything being instant, customers satisfaction highly depends on how fast and securely they receive their packages.

This is why it’s important for businesses to have good logistics operations to ensure that customers' purchases are taken care of from the warehouse to the doorstep.

Here are a few questions to ask before choosing a courier service for your business:

1. "Does the courier service match my business' delivery needs?"

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Different businesses may have different delivery needs, so it's crucial to find a courier service that can match your requirements. 

For example, if you're selling baked goods, you would usually opt for courier services that can do same-day deliveries. Or, if you're selling furniture, you need to make sure that the courier service has large vehicles to accommodate the size of your goods.

Besides that, some businesses tend to get extra busy during festive seasons. To ensure your customers continue receiving their goods without delays during peak periods, you'll need to find a courier service that has the capacity to execute your delivery needs.

2. "Does the courier company have package tracking and proof-of-delivery features?"

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We usually read on social media about how some customers don't receive their packages or get their packages stolen. These posts can sometimes go viral because many encounter the same problems. 

It's even worse when you're a business owner and need to bear the cost of lost packages. If your product does not arrive to your customer, you'll have no choice but to refund the money, especially when you have no tracking to back you up. 

To save you the hassle, look for a courier service that provides the latest technology on real-time package tracking and proof of delivery once it reaches the customer. 

3. "Is the courier company reliable and known for having a good reputation?"

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Even if your company chooses to hire an external courier service to handle logistics, keep in mind that they are the ones representing your business to customers.

This means that if the delivery workers are attentive, friendly, and professional, it will make a good impression on your customers. On the flip side, any delay, damage, or unfriendliness will reflect poorly on your company, even if it may not be your fault directly. 

All these little things contribute to the credibility and reputation of your company. That's why it's always important to go for a courier company that prioritises exceptional customer service for its workers.

4. "What sort of cost can I expect?"

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Truth be told, costing is the most important part in any business. Not only will you have to look at hiring a courier service that is reliable and efficient, you also need to take into account how cost-effective it is. 

Delivery prices usually range according to the size, weight, location, and urgency of the delivery. You will have to dive into the numbers to see which courier service can give you the most bang for your buck! 

Also, it is good to find a courier service that comes with insurance. This helps whenever there is a mishap, like goods getting damaged during shipment or not being delivered on time, so that you won't have to worry about compensation. 

5. "Do they cover a wide range of areas?"

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One thing you'll need to ask yourself is where your customers come from, and whether your courier service is able to reach them efficiently.

Some concerns to look out for include shipping to rural areas or overseas, along with the cost and time it takes to do so. Ultimately, make sure you find a courier service that you can depend on reaching your customers. And if your business is looking to expand,  make sure you opt for a company that covers a wider delivery range, so you get access to even more potential customers.  

6. "Do they provide special care shipping?"

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For businesses dealing with fragile and delicate items, you'll definitely want that extra care from your courier service. 

Certain companies provide special packaging materials, as well as different SOPs of handling fragile items, including loading and unloading methods to keep packages secure. 

If your company sells products that fall into this category, this is definitely something you should enquire about, so that you'll have a good idea of how your items will be handled. Reading reviews or getting references from outside parties could also help you make a better decision. 

7. "How responsive are they to customers' needs?"

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One of the qualities to look for in a courier service also includes responsiveness towards customers needs. A late or rude reply to your customers can affect your business more than you think. 

The whole reason you want to hire a courier service in the first place is to lessen your burden on the logistics side and also to pass on the customer service to more experienced hands.

Well-established and good courier companies not only have experience in dealing with different types of issues, they also tend to have better systems in place to handle customer requests. This is one reason why it's worth opting for a more recognised courier service than a lesser known company.

If you're looking for a courier service company that is reliable, affordable, and flexible, then you're in for a treat, as Pickupp offers all of it!

Pickupp understands that finding the right courier service that you can trust to carry the name of your business is not easy. This is why they provide you with a plethora of features to ensure that your business logistic operations are in good hands.

Check out their core features here:
- On-demand, four-hour slots seven days a week
- Real-time GPS tracking 24/7
- Drop-off photo and e-signature
- Insured packages
- Customisation
- API Integration

The best part is by choosing Pickupp, your shipments are secured with triple delivery proof — e-signature, photo, and real-time GPS. Your customers will be happy to receive their packages on time, error-free, and securely.

That's not all. When you sign up, you'll be able to enjoy 50% off your first five deliveries and 20% off on the next five deliveries, in conjunction with the 10.10 sale!

Are you convinced to choose Pickupp now? Check out more of their offerings for your business on their website.

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