15 Practical Father's Day Gifts Under RM200 That You Can Still Get At The Very Last Minute

No mugs or photo frames.

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1. A sleep kit that that will help ensure your dad gets a good night's rest he deserves

This Work's sleep kit comes with two items: a bottle to spray the liquid on your pillow while the other is to apply the solution on your wrists or tissues for a relaxing effect upon inhaling the vapour.

Get a set on Sephora for RM48

2. Give your dad's grooming game an upgrade with the gift of healthy skin

Image via Sephora

It's not ok for good dads to continue using a bar of soap on their face, so (please!) get them this four-piece set of which contain essentials such as toning cleansing gel, exfoliating facial scrub, super gentle shaving foam, and energising moisture gel.

Get it on Sephora for RM93.

3. A watch for the no-nonsense dad who makes sure everyone in the family shows up on time for dinner

Image via The Iconic

An analog watch never gets out of style and this Aldo Adiso wristwatch would probably suit any modern man nowadays.

Get a watch on Zalora for RM175.85.

4. Surprise your dad with a new go-to Mont Blanc scent that everyone can appreciate

Get your dad a simple and elegant fragrance gift like the Mont Blanc Legend Spirit perfume that'll remind him of just how special he is on this special day as well as the other 364 days of the year.

Get it on Zalora for RM185.50.

5. A stylish holdall from River Island for your fit dad to bring along on his gym day

Image via Zalora

Gym bags don't have to be smelly and rugged, so let your dad keep his workout gear and other essentials such as a shower kit in this River Island holdall. 

Get it on Zalora for RM151.80.

6. You can never go wrong with a sleek and refined briefcase for your dad

Image via Zalora

Noticed that your dad has been using the same ol' bag for the last five years? Give him an upgrade already this Father's Day with a slim work briefcase from Zalora. 

Get it on Zalora for RM46.25.

7. A portable powerbank to keep gadgets going for the dad who's always on the go

Image via Loot Deals

A powerbank should do the job in making sure that your dad's smartphone never runs out of power again so that you can always reach him when you need to, or for him to have enough battery to play another round of Candy Crush. 

Get a 20,000mAh powerbank on Shopee for RM93.

8. Hook your dad up with a new pair of sunglasses this Father's Day...

Image via Zalora

If your father loves spending time in the outdoors, it's a no-brainer to get him Topman's black chunky square framed sunglasses that'll match his love for the sun and charisma. 

Get it on Zalora for RM102.85.

9. ... or buy this instead if your dad is more of a clip-on sunglasses kind of person

Image via Materialicious

If your dad already wears prescription glasses for his short- or long- sightedness, it's probably a better idea to get him clip-on sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun.

Get one from Zalora for RM33

10. Wallets have got to be one of the most foolproof gifts any child can get for their fathers

Image via Zalora

There's a good chance that your dad's current wallet is not getting a lot of care and it's probably coming apart at the seams, so there's no better time to get him a new Burton Menswear London black wallet. It comes with a key ring too!

Get it on Zalora for RM121.70.

11. Why stop at getting your dad a tie when you could get him a whole set of accessories to match his wardrobe

Image via Zalora

Take your Father's Day gift up a notch by getting your dad not just a necktie, but also cufflinks, tie clip, and a handkerchief in matching pattern. 

Get it on Zalora for only RM44.90 a set

12. It won't hurt to get some healthy nuts to munch on for the dads who love snacking

Image via Amazingraze

Nuts are said to packed with nutrients and healthy fats, and they are usually as healthy as they are delicious. Help your dad feel less guilty about snacking by gifting him some nuts from Amazin' Graze.

Get a box of five packets on Amazin' Graze for RM27.90.

13. Show your appreciation to your tech-loving father by getting him a brand new case for his favourite gadget

Image via Crumpler

Chances are your father will have his own laptop that he brings around almost everywhere he goes. It'll be a good idea to get him a protective outer shell for it like the Crumpler Crony laptop sleeve that keeps his machine nice and cozy inside with padding for some protection. 

Get it on Zalora for RM138.

14. A cordless vacuum cleaner for your dad who treats his car like it's his second wife

Image via

If your dad is the kind of person who spends time cleaning his beloved car every week, you could gift him something - like a Black+Decker cordless vacuum cleaner - to make the cleaning process a whole lot easier for him.

Get it on Shopee for RM84.60.

15. Treat your dad to a spa treatment because even the most 'manly' man would love some pampering

Image via Fave

Nothing melts away the stress of a dad's day-to-day life like a relaxing Balinese massage.

Get a two-hour Balinese massage spa package on Fave for RM148.

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