Maintain Your Car With This Engine Oil And You Could Win CNY-Inspired Kitchenware

The right engine oil will help your vehicle last longer!

Cover image via Caltex Malaysia (Provided to SAYS) & CHUTTERSNAP (Unsplash)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Caltex.

There is so much happening during the Chinese New Year season, from events and sales to promotions and rebates

While people change up their old things by buying new clothes and furniture, CNY is also a good time to buy gifts for loved ones or stock up on essentials! With all the deals going around, it's super worth it to get yearly necessities on sale, which includes engine oils for your vehicles. ;) 

If you're looking for a good deal on car engine oils this CNY, Caltex is offering exclusive free gifts for every purchase of their selected premium Havoline and Delo engine oils

This is the perfect time to stock up on engine oils, as you'll for sure get a set of six special bowls or a set of two special bowls and spoons with every purchase of the selected engine oils.

These free gifts will come in handy for your reunion dinner during Chinese New Year Eve too! 

Also, keep in mind that the promotion only lasts from now till 28 February 2023 or until stocks last. So, hurry and go stock up on premium Havoline and Delo engine oils. 

By the way, did you know the quality of the lubricant you use for your car matters?

At Caltex, their lubricants are specifically designed to protect what matters the most, especially with their premium Havoline and Delo engine oils. Both engine oils will enhance the protection of your vehicle's engine and improve its performance too, so you'll be guaranteed an smooth journey every time. Plus, since your engine will be less prone to breaking down, it helps you save money in the long run.

FYI, Havoline engine oils are meant for petrol vehicles, whereas Delo engine oils are used for diesel vehicles. 

Caltex's Havoline engine oils with Deposit Shield Technology will respond to the extreme demands of your engine by ensuring it gets dynamic protection and performance where it is needed most

Not only that, Havoline engine oils' strength and durability will allow your engine to reach its optimum power and performance while protecting it against wear and harmful deposits.

With engines getting smaller and lighter, they require better lubricants to run more cleanly, generate more power, deliver better fuel economy, and last longer between oil changes. This is where the Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic engine oil range comes in.

They will protect your car better and help it last longer, since they flow well in cold temperatures and protect the engine in hot temperatures, even when the engine is under heavy loads. Overall, fully synthetic motor oils work harder to help your engine keep going.

Apart from that, Caltex's Havoline range also attained world-class standards with Dexos1 Gen2.

If you didn't know, Dexos1 Gen 2 is a specification granted to motor oils that meet a wide array of demanding industry and internal testing requirements, and also proves they can operate in the most extreme conditions. This is because many of the newer general motor vehicles require extra protection for lower emissions and better fuel economy.

Specially formulated to meet the new Dexos1 standards, the Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic engine oil range will be able to prolong the life of modern cars with advanced engine technologies like turbochargers and gasoline direct injection.

So, make sure to use the right engine oil for your vehicle! Get Caltex's Havoline or Delo engine oils today and snatch a set of pretty bowls and spoons.

For more information, visit Caltex's website.

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