How Much Does A Full-Time Home Baker Make?

In the second episode of #CanMakeMoneyMeh?, Sophia Foo, the bubbly baker behind Frost & Flourish gives us the scoop on baking for a living.

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So everyone who's tried your baked goodies swears that you need to set up a business, stat!

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Sure, you would welcome the creative and time freedom! But the question remains: can make money meh?

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Meet Sophia Foo, the bubbly baker of Frost & Flourish!

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Chances are you've probably tried her signature cake, The King, which takes full advantage of the beautiful combination between banana cake, chocolate, and peanut butter frosting. (If you haven't, head to The Good Batch or VCR like, now!)

Sophia bakes an average of 40 - 50 cakes per week, and spends about 6 to 8 hours baking daily (which can go up to 12 hours on busy days)

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Her favourite perk of being a home baker? The lack of a uniform.

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Here she is to share about the ups, downs, and the financials of operating a home baking business, WATCH:

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