This App Helps You To Maximise Your Savings With Daily And Weekly Cashback

Just scan and pay, or reload your credit and pay your bills, woohoo!

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As we move towards becoming a cashless society, it's time to adopt this free app that can fulfil all your needs

Going cashless has sooo many perks! It's super convenient and it's less risky, meaning there's a smaller chance of theft. You also won't have to deal with so many coins clanging about in your pockets and handbags. The best part of going cashless would probably be the discounts :3

Discounts are awesome, and many merchants offer them as a way to reward customers for going cashless

That way, you can totally get your money's worth and save more when you spend.

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If you're looking for a way to maximise your money while you spend on your daily needs, check out the MAE app by Maybank2u

Bringing secure internet banking features into one application, the MAE app enables you to 'Scan & Pay' at over 250,000 businesses across the country, transfer funds to any bank or mobile number, pay your bills, and much more! Whether you're getting groceries or settling your bills, the MAE app makes payments so effortless.

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Furthermore, each time you use the MAE app to make a transaction from now until 22 August 2021, you will be rewarded! So, hurry up and start using the MAE app now because it's definitely 'a-MAE-zing' :D

Nowadays, contactless payments are a must

Since we have to practice social distancing as much as we can, MAE's 'Scan & Pay' feature comes in handy. Whether it's for a quick run to the grocery shop, buying meals, or even shopping sprees, the MAE app can be very easily integrated into your daily life.

You can even earn daily cashbacks with the MAE app's 'Scan & Pay' feature

With a minimum transaction of RM10 on the app, you'll be able to earn up to RM5 cashback every day. From now until 21 August 2021, you'll receive one cashback chance per day whenever you use the 'Scan & Pay' function at participating merchants nationwide. It's super easy!

Wanna know something that'll make life so much easier? You can also pay your bills and reload your mobile prepaid on the MAE app too :D

The MAE app aims to make things more convenient for you by offering bill payment and credit reload services for your phone line, all in one app! This way, everything you need to do is on your mobile phone and just within arm's reach.

Can you imagine getting rewarded whenever you pay your bills and reload your phone's credit?

To enjoy all the perks and cashbacks, all you have to do is pay your bills or reload via MAE at a minimum of RM20 per transaction twice a week for a chance to win great prizes.

Here are all the things that are up for grabs:
Weekly Prizes 
RM10 cashback for 4,000 random customers for a maximum of RM90 over 9 weeks

Grand Prizes
Six lucky winners will walk away with prizes including a Sony PlayStation 5, an iPhone 12 Pro Max, or Shopee vouchers worth RM3,600 when they accumulate 18 transactions (pay bills or reload) throughout the campaign period

Bonus Prizes
20 random winners will stand a chance to win RM1,000 cash when they accumulate 18 mobile prepaid reload transactions via MAE throughout the campaign period

If you're a non-Maybank user, don't worry. Just download the MAE app and create a free account instantly! You'll even receive a bonus RM8 when you sign up by 22 August :D

All you gotta do is create a MAE account for free, and you can start winning cashback. Just click here to learn how to sign up instantly.

Ready to walk away with awesome everyday cashbacks and amazing goodies? Don't forget to 'Scan & Pay', pay bills, and reload with MAE from now until 22 August!

To find out more about ongoing promotions, please visit this website. You can also download the MAE app on Apple App Store or Google Play.

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