[VIDEO] How True Is The Three-Second Rule? Here's What Cassy Thinks

You know you're guilty of this.

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What do you do if you accidentally dropped some food?

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You pick it up and eat it because three-second rule, right?

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Cassy doesn't approve of it. Here's why:

There's no such thing as the three-second rule

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"All fallen food are contaminated the moment it drops on the floor."

So, if you drop your food next time...

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It's very important to not eat food that has been contaminated

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Contaminated food is not good for your digestive system. In the case of young children, it will also affect their health and mood.

Besides keeping them hydrated and feeding them a balanced diet, it's important to instil hygiene knowledge among our children. Teaching them about the three-second rule myth is a good starting point!

You can learn more about it on this page.

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Check out Cassy in action: