It Doesn't Feel Like Chinese New Year Until You Have These 13 Things Stocked Up At Home

No pineapple tarts, no talk.

Cover image via TripAdvisor (Edited)

There's a chance for you to have your Chinese New Year shopping all paid for

Here are some of the must-have items you should get:

Because without them, it just doesn't feel like Chinese New Year. 

1. Pineapple tarts with all their buttery goodness

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These are the VIPs of all Chinese New Year snacks - Very Important Pastries. They're also the first to finish because they taste so good! And very 'ong' too since pineapples symbolise wealth ;)

2. The round snacks tray

Image via Dukascopy

You'll always see this tray that's like a treasure box full of goodies when you visit your friends and relatives during Chinese New Year. Traditional ones will contain snacks like candied melon and lotus seeds, which symbolise health and fertility. 

3. Boxes and boxes of mandarin oranges

Image via The Coverage

Also fondly referred to as 'gam' or 'kam' in Cantonese, which means 'gold' in Cantonese. 

There are times when we lost count how many mandarin oranges we ate in a day :O

4. Yummy bak kwa

Image via Hungry Go Where

Bak kwas always taste better during Chinese New Year. They have so many different types of flavours now, from chilli, honey glazed, and even black pepper ones. 

5. The super addictive kuih kapit

The best kuih kapit, or egg rolls, are obviously the ones made by our popo and ah ma. Once you start munching on them, you just can't stop!

6. Plates of yee sang that will end up looking messy after all that tossing

Yee sang, or yu sheng in Mandarin, is considered an auspicious dish as it sounds similar to another phrase which means increase in surplus. 

So, the higher you toss, the more you huat, the better the new year will be.

7. All those angpaus

Image via Tumblr

Who needs husbands or wives anyway when you can stay single and receive angpaus for the rest of your life?

8. Bright red wall decors with auspicious words

Image via Wiki

Especially the big 'fu' word, which is hanged upside down to symbolise the arrival of fortune (the Chinese word for 'upside down' sounds like the Chinese word for 'arrival').

And they must be red for good luck. The more red stuff you hang up, the more CNY-ish it feels.

9. And the big, big lanterns

Image via Ritz Carlton

You might find them old fashion, but red lanterns really bring out the festive mood. They are also said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. 

10. Lots and lots of beer ;)

Remember to yum seng (Chinese for 'drink to victory') to kick off a victorious year!

11. Tasty prawn crackers

Image via even818

Another one of those Chinese New Year snacks that seems to just disappear once the jar is opened. Your mum also probably nagged you to drink more water after eating them.

12. New (red) clothes and new cheongsams

Image via Hive Miner

Shirt must be red. 
Cheongsam must be red. 
If can, pants must be red too for maximum good luck.

13. No Chinese New Year is complete without some pop-pops

Image via Pinterest

The most fun part about Chinese New Year - 'attacking' each other with Pop Pops. 

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