Chinese Undergrad Quits Office Job To Become A Cleaner — Buys 2 Houses & 2 Cars In 2 Years

"Every job has its perks."

Cover image via The Blunt Bean Counter & Weibo

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We're often told throughout our lives that education is the most powerful weapon for our futures.

However, does that phrase always ring true?

A recent video on the Chinese blogging website, Weibo, has gone viral for a real life circumstance that's changing society's perception as to what 'success' truly looks like.

Published on 16 November, the clip features a Chinese woman by the name of Liu, who shared her story of working as a cleaner after quitting her office job, which she landed after attaining her tertiary education qualifications.

The most astounding part of her journey? In just a couple of years working as a cleaner, Liu has been able to purchase two houses and two cars, dispelling the myths and stereotypes often tied to custodian workers.

Liu, the Chinese woman who shared her story of going from a corporate job to a cleaner.

Image via Weibo

Explaining her decision to become a cleaner, Liu stated that it all began when her family needed money, as her son was starting school and her mother fell ill

"I decided to quit my job and work as a cleaner. I knew we needed the money for different expenditures," she said in the video. At that point, Liu held down a regular corporate job (though the role was not disclosed), and was receiving a basic salary.

However, going from a fairly untaxing office job to a cleaner for houses was not something she was going to announce to people, especially those closest to her.

"I didn't make any online post about my job. I didn't even tell my parents or my friends," she stated.

Image via Weibo

Recollecting the time she was nervous to tell her parents about her new career, Liu stated that she had already been working as a cleaner for half a year without her parents' knowledge, feeling as though she'd be letting them down if she told them.

Nonetheless, she finally mustered up the courage to inform her father about her current role. In a delightful twist, he extended his support to his daughter for her choice

"He told me, 'It doesn't mean that just because you went to university, you're required to work a certain job'. I told him that every job has its own perks."

Image via Weibo

In just two years, Liu shared that she's been able to purchase two houses and two cars under her name — showing that her hard work has not been in vain

"They aren't huge but I am happy to own them," she said in reference to her houses and cars.

Furthermore, Liu said that she has no intention of stopping her current job. "I truly believe that this industry is where I want to remain in the future. I think it has many possibilities and the opportunities are endless," she explained.

It has not been without her hard work and determination, though, as she recalls how she works up to 17 hours a day cleaning during peak seasons, all the way from 7am to 2am in some instances.

Making sacrifices along the way, she revealed that at times, she has to eat her meals on the go as a result of her schedule, even settling for a bun pastry and water.

Image via Weibo

Keeping her spirit high through the challenges, Liu was forthright about the positive feedback she receives from her clients being the motivation and encouragement for her to continue.

In her closing thoughts, Liu stated that the service sector is always short of workers, giving those who have little qualms about working hard, an opportunity to thrive and persevere

Click here to read the full post and watch the full video on Weibo.

Image via Weibo

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