M'sian Singer Buys 3-Storey House After Finding Success With Baking Business During MCO

Masya Masyitah – a multilingual singer who has made a name for herself in China – and her mother bake the cookies themselves to ensure its quality is maintained.

Cover image via @masyitah_masya (Instagram)

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Not only is Masya Masyitah an award-winning artiste who can sing in Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, and English, she is also a thriving baker and entrepreneur at the age of 21

According to Oriental Daily, Masya recently revealed that she bought a three-storey house in Kajang, Selangor with the income she made from livestreams and selling bakery goods online.

Speaking during a press conference for her first Chinese single Jiu Meng Xin Su (旧梦新夙) yesterday, 28 June, the singer from Kedah said that starting her bakery business was purely accidental.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Masya started baking because she had nothing to do at home.

After realising that her cookies tasted great, the idea of selling the sweet treats emerged. She related that the initial response of the business was welcoming.

She said she personally delivered every box of her cookies to buyers. However, as the business continued to grow, she was overwhelmed with orders. It was then her manager told her to hire someone to make the deliveries for her.

From then on, her bakery business took off. On her Instagram profile with over 806,000 followers, she said every batch of cookies she makes runs out within hours.

She often posts photos and videos of her preparing the cookies on her primary Instagram profile as well as her cookie business profile @delicibymasya.

Despite her busy schedule, Masya said she and her mother insist on baking the cookies themselves to ensure the quality and taste of their pineapple tarts and chocolate cookies, among others.

Masya — who went viral two years ago for buying a house in Puchong with RM300,000 cash at the age of 19 — shared that she did not expect to buy a second house after her business boomed.

China Press quoted her as saying that she wanted to develop her career in Selangor while living with her family.

"My father and my younger brother are both in Kulim. I spend a lot of time separated from them. And the home I live in (referring to her current apartment) is very small," she said during the press conference.

"If we live together, it will be a little uncomfortable. So I bought a house again, hoping everyone can have a better life."

When asked whether she bought her new three-storey house in cash just like she did the first time, Masya smiled and said it was a private matter.

Masya started out as a budding singer on YouTube in 2017, covering Chinese and Bahasa Melayu songs

She often covers songs by singers with a wide vocal range, such as G.E.M., Della, and Shila Amzah.

The bedroom singer then rose to international fame in November 2019 after winning a music award in China.

At the age of 19, she was awarded Most Potential Young Artiste at Asia Music Awards held in Shenzhen, reported New Straits Times.

Additionally, in November last year, she proved her singing prowess again by participating in an international online singing competition and beating out some 3,000 contenders.

During the finale of Yippi Live Star Quest 2020, she enchanted the audience with a mix of English, Chinese, and Tagalog songs.

She emerged as a winner by the end of the four-month contest, taking home the grand prize of RM160,000.

Masya reportedly learnt to sing Chinese songs by watching YouTube videos during her school days.

She had in the past expressed her wish to be based in China one day but due to the pandemic and visa complications, she is not able to do so yet.

Masya posted photos believed to be of her new house in Kajang on 17 May.

Image via @masyitah_masya (Instagram)

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