This Touching M'sian Christmas Video Tells The Tale Of A Girl Who Dreams To Become A Pilot

It's inspired by the true story of a Malaysian female fighter pilot.

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Christmas has always been a joyous, festive season to spend with loved ones.

Digi knows how important Christmas is to us, which is why they're back with a Christmas video that will confirm make you feel all fuzzy inside <3

But first, you may want to grab some tissues because this video is a real tearjerker. T.T

Inspired by a Malaysian female fighter pilot's true story, this festive video, titled Wind Chaser, tells the story of a girl who was inspired by her father to become a pilot

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The four-minute-long video starts off with her celebrating Christmas with her family. 

During the celebration, her dad gives her a simple gift of a paper aeroplane, which inspires the girl to one day, become a pilot. The cutest part is that her dad uses the paper aeroplane as a treetopper. Awww. 

This goes to show how actions from our loved ones, no matter how big or small, can affect us significantly. 

Throughout the video, we see her journey in different, stunning animation styles, as she continues to chase after her dreams at different stages of life

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Each Christmas season, we observe the girl growing older, but her aspirations to become a pilot remains.

Along her whimsical journey, she befriends an imaginary lifelike cloud who follows her as she chases after her dream. 

One Christmas, she goes on a dreamlike journey with her imaginary friend in a puppet-style animation. Such creative, vivid imagination!

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Best of all, after a series of challenges and obstacles, her dad makes an appearance in her dreamlike journey to give her the greatest Christmas gift ever

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He gives her his unconditional love and blessings to support her journey in becoming a pilot. As the girl's dream becomes a reality, we see her imaginary friend moving on and bidding farewell to her. <3

The video highlights how the greatest gift is unconditional love and support from our loved ones, which gives us the motivation to reach greater heights, no matter what may come our way. 

Digi knows how important all of these are to us, especially during this festive season where many are away from home

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With the year-end festivities dawning upon us, Digi wants to encourage Malaysians to continue supporting and inspiring loved ones and those around us to continue chasing after their aspirations as 2021 approaches.  

β€œThrough this difficult year, it is heartening to see Malaysians rallying together to show support, whether it is as simple as supporting a local business or offering emotional support to those who may be going through a tough time," said Bernard Lee, Digi's Head of Marketing Services.

"Let us find renewed hope in the coming year and continue to inspire the next person to stay motivated to soar to greater heights and let their dreams take flight."

Digi wishes all Malaysians Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, and that 2021 would bring health, happiness, and prosperity to everyone

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