14 Local Gift Sets & Presents For You Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers

There's something for everyone!

Cover image via Erlene Patisserie , @tokibear__ (Instagram) , (Instagram)

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1. Toki Bear

Toki Bear is a local online store that specialises in artisan cold brew coffee and chocolate. This Christmas, they've put together their signature cold brew coffee flavours in adorable Christmas-themed bottles. A great gift for anyone who loves a good cuppa!

They've also partnered with BIMI BEAR, who makes Christmas truffle and triple chocolate cookies, to offer gift sets.

You can get them
here. Check out Toki Bear's Instagram.

2. Erlene Patisserie

Erlene Patisserie is run by a home baker who is selling gift boxes filled with 32 pieces of cookies each, some of which are decorated with cute Christmas designs. They deliver to Klang Valley. 

You can get it
here. There's also another gift set by the same baker with slightly different goodies that are just as cute!

3. Seafarer Coffee Kuala Lumpur

Image via Seafarer Coffee
Image via Seafarer Coffee

If you have a friend or family member who loves coffee, check out Seafarer Coffee's Christmas gift sets which you can curate yourself. They offer bundles with any of the following:
– Christmas blend coffee beans
– Seafarer tote bag
– Travel mug (black, white, grey, or blue)
– Gingerbread men

You can get them 


POPPYLAB not only sells stylish jewellery, she also makes her own clay accessories, including these gorgeous Christmas earrings.

There are poinsettia wreaths, presents, Christmas trees, baubles, and other intricately-designed studs and dangling options. You can also customise your own stud packs to make it more personal. 

Get them
here. Or check out her Instagram.

5. We Enjoy Simplicity

These curated gift sets are perfect for that friend who's all about minimalistic looks. We Enjoy Simplicity's holiday boxes include a combination of any of the following:
– Unisex socks / Scrunchie with pouch / Badges
– Scented air freshener / hand wash / shower oil / hair serum
– Reusable ASA linen face mask
– Tote bag
– Loungewear

You can get them

6. Artisan Creative Studio

You know that Christmas is near when the fruit cakes come out. Artisan Creative Studio is making and delivering rich and flavourful rum fruit cakes all over Klang Valley this Christmas.

They also offer a jar of rum essence on the side for you to add in if want more.

You can get it

7. WithLove.Co

Image via WithLove.Co
Image via WithLove.Co
Image via WithLove.Co

Gift sets are easy presents that are special yet require little to no effort since they're already curated for you. :P

WithLove.Co has put together a Christmas collection for different personalities. They include any or a combination of the following:
– Reed diffuser
– Soy wax scented candle 
– Pistachio hazelnut biscotti
– Cranberry cornflakes cookies 
– Bath salt with coconut oil
– Citrus bubble body wash
– Shower body puff
– Shiraz cabernet
– Wine glass
– Engraved charcuterie board
– Winter Christmas tea towels and cutlery
– Tea
– Hand cream
– Premium chocolate popcorn

You can get them

8. The Mineraw

Image via The Mineraw
Image via The Mineraw

Make sure your friends and family get the pampering they deserve. Homegrown skincare brand The Mineraw is offering Christmas gift sets with a mix of their best items.

The sets include any or a combination of the following:
– Makeup remover cleansing oil
– Purify face mask
– Wood spoon
– Mask brush
– Headband (cream)
– Glow serum face oil
– Clear quartz Gua sha
– Toner balance

You can get them here.

9. Chottō

Chottō just released the cutest festive mug in the shape of a Christmas tree! It comes with a matching green glass straw, a Christmas cloth, and a mystery gift. The brand also sells other aesthetically-pleasing dishware that make great gifts.

They deliver to both Malaysia and Singapore.

You can get it here.
Or check out their Instagram.

10. Haru Coffee

Image via Haru Coffee
Image via Haru Coffee
Image via Haru Coffee
Image via Haru Coffee

Too many choices and can't decide? Haru Coffee makes it easier by selling a simple yet thoughtful Christmas gift set, especially for coffee / chocolate lovers.

It includes:
– 5 packs of drip bag coffee
– 5 packs of dark chocolate powder
– Haru tote bag
– Christmas button badge
– Christmas card

You can get it

11. GiftMeLah

Image via GiftMeLah
Image via GiftMeLah
Image via GiftMeLah

This Christmas, GiftMeLah has festive gift sets to put a smile on someone's face this year. They are offering any or a combination of the following:
– Fresh minty candle by The Candle Hour
– Preserved flowers by Periwinks
– Small white and gold train set for decor
– Customised baubles
– Premium nut butters
– Hot cocoa with marshmallows
– Gingerbread iced cookies from The Season House

You can get them

12. Whims By Red Nose

Whims By Red Nose has put together Christmas crates with lots of goodies that can be personalised, as well as mailboxes that look straight outta Santa's warehouse.

Some of the items in the packages include:
– Gingerbread men cookies,
– Cadbury Bubbly chocolate, and
– Premium dried dragon fruit slices, among others!

You can get them

13. Beans & CO Artisanal Chocolate

There's always room for a cup of hot chocolate and these Christmas-themed flavours are perfect to make you feel all cosy and fuzzy. 

Beans & CO Artisanal Chocolate
, which sources cocoa beans from seven countries, has released Christmas cans filled with five different flavours. 

They are:
– Mint hot dark chocolate
– 55% milky dark chocolate
– 75% hot dark chocolate
– 85% hot dark chocolate 
– 100% hot dark chocolate

You can get them

14. Tea Party With Fredah

You can't go too wrong with these sets by home baker Tea Party With Fredah who is offering two gift boxes – Goodness Bundle and Golden Rosette – which includes Christmas-themed cookies and a bottle of alcohol or cookies with dried pink roses.

They deliver to anywhere in Klang Valley. 

You can get the Goodness Bundle here or the Golden Rosette here.

For more Christmas gift ideas by local brands: