15 Local Brands With Aesthetic X'mas Candles To Make Guests Go 'Ooh Something Smells Good'

Cosy scents.

Cover image via Zephyrie & @candlepitstop (Instagram)

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1. Candle Pit Stop

They currently have a pop-up store in Bangsar Village.

Image via SAYS

Candle Pit Stop has limited edition soy wax Christmas candles with scents such as Mulled Wine, Candy Cane, Merry Berry, and more. They make them in glass jars but they also have travel-sized versions and candle gift sets.

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2. Good Company

Image via Good Company

This year, Good Company released two Christmas soy candle scents: Christmas Market and Nordic Forest.

They come in glass jars, as well as travel-sized tins. They also have wrapped snowflake-shaped soy candles in mint and white that would make perfect gifts or to be used as Christmas decoration pieces around the house.

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3. Dorothy Scents

Image via Dorothy Scents
Image via Dorothy Scents

Dorothy Scents hand pours patchouli soy wax candles in scents, such as Spiced Apple and Cinnamon, Spiced Eggnog, O' Christmas Tree (balsam fir, pine, and cedarwood), among other cosy essential oil blends.

They have wood wick candles, candles in glass jars, as well as pretty tins.

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4. Zephyrie

Image via Zephyrie

Zephyrie released two small-sized Christmas candle scents this year:
– Candyland – candy cane scent that's cooling, with strong hints of vanilla
– Alpine Mountains – pine leaves, grass, and mint scent

You can get them individually or as gift sets with cookies, a Christmas-themed scented sachet, and a pocket planner, or a room / pillow mist spray.

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5. EJL Candlebar

If you have no clue what to get as gifts this year, you could surprise your loved ones with EJL Candlebar's Christmas collection. They have candles in four scents that come in cute tins and glass jars:
– Silent Night: pine, cedar wood + sage leaf
– Christmas Stocking: orange + clove
– Silver Bells: cedar leaf, peppermint + coconut
– Christmas Angel: mango, peppermint + vanilla

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6. Oh Lilin

What began as just a hobby has now turned into a small business that supports local palm wax producers. Oh Lilin offers two Christmas candle scents this year:
– Joy – pear, pink pepper, gardenia, and bergamot
– Season of Love – lily, frangipani, tuberose with a touch of ginger

You can get them in individual glass jars or as a gift set. They also brought back their Mini Series featuring two Christmas scents and one bestseller: Red Lana, Joy, and Parisian.

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7. Studio Kittuco, Analogue Apotik, and That One Thing Studio

Studio Kittuco, Analogue Apotik, and That One Thing Studio collaborated to make these stunning electric blue and white beeswax and soy wax candles will make beautiful gifts that'll stand out among the typical red and green Christmas hues.

There are two scents available:
– A Ray of Hope – bergamot, sandalwood, oakmoss, amber (blue)
– A Spark of Joy – vanilla, french fern, lavender (white)


8. Atelier Nến

Atelier Nến hand pours soy candles into gorgeous concrete jars that can be reused as plant pots, pen holders, or anything else.

There are five scents in total, including their Christmas scent — Hiver en Laponie, which translates to Winter in Lapland. It has a classic pine note that is perfect for the holidays. They are based in KL but can also deliver to Singapore.

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9. Barn & Jones

Barn & Jones hand pours soy wax candles with premium fine scents into minimalistic travel-sized tins and glass jars. To make it easier to pick, they've categorised the candle scents into earthy and woody, florals, fruity, fresh, and oceanic. Their names are:
– Alpine Trails
– Northern Lights
– Mystic Falls
– Sleepy Hallows
– Sacred Garden
– Wildflower
– Grand Budapest
– Moon Shrine

You can read each description on their website.

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10. Nudecco

Image via Nudecco

Nudecco released its first ever handmade Jar of Christmas collection in four scents:
– The North Pole – amber, cedarwood, and musk
It's Christmas Eve – cedarwood, moss, and juniper berries
Dear Santa – musk, jasmine, cherry, and fig
Christmas Wonderland – pine, cedarwood, and fig tree

There's also a Christmas gift set, Santa's Tree House, wrapped in a gift box with a ribbon. It includes:
– Christmas candle of your choice
– Christmas bon fire
– Hershey milk chocolate bar
– S'more kit
– Wooden stick

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11. Anbo

Image via Anbo
Image via Anbo

Anbo hand pours candles made with 100% natural beeswax. This year, their holiday series includes three mini candles in the following scents:
– Santa's Balls – fresh woodsy and elegant scents with white currant, fir, pine, patchouli, cedar, and ozone
– Naughty Night – sparkling fruity scent of rosemary, oak, red wine, white wine, fruit punch, and pine
– Sleigh Me Down – snowy winter smell in the woods with notes of juniper, sage, moss, grass, pine, citrus, and green leaves

The gift set also comes with a limited edition acrylic box and a holographic bag. 

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12. After Hours

Launched earlier this year, After Hours hand pours soy wax candles into beautiful concrete jars that are reusable. They just released two Christmas scents, which are:
– Joy [Green marble] – Cardamom, clove, and caramel
– The Holidays [Nude marble] – Coffee, agarwood, and cedarwood

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13. Wick By Gemma

Image via Wick By Gemma
Image via Wick By Gemma
Image via Wick By Gemma

Based in Malaysia, Wick By Gemma makes vegan-friendly soy wax candles in glass jars of different sizes. This year's Christmas collection includes scents such as:
– Mulled Wine
– Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls
– Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
– Deck The Halls

You can also treat someone to their Christmas gift set, which includes three festive candles in concrete jars.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Specialising in hand-poured soy candles, this small local business recently launched two Christmas scents for the holidays. They are:
– Comfort & Joy – a blend of crisp peppermint and raspberry reminiscent of delicious candy canes
– Sugar & Spice – smells of cinnamon, peppered clove, and brown sugar 

To order, drop them a message or fill in the form on their Instagram.

15. Borneo Candle Studio

Handcrafted in small batches, Borneo Candle Studio offers 100% soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance candles with essential oil blends. They have two Christmas scents this year:
 Spiced Berry – notes of plum, berries, and saffron
– Winter Solstice – notes of pine, cypress, and fir

If you want to spread some festive joy with someone, they have a gift set that you can customise with two candles of your choice.

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