16 Christmas Presents From Kaison That Won't Break The Bank

Christmas on a budget.

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It's December. You know what that means? CHRISTMAS PRESENTSssSSss to make up for the sh*tty year.

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Here's a list of affordable gift ideas you can get from Kaison that won't break the bank:

1. Laundry or toy baskets

Kaison has aisles filled with many differently designed laundry baskets that can also be used to store toys and other items around the house. Most of them are foldable and easy to carry.

It's a simple gift that costs between RM14.90 and RM23.90 each.

2. Cute mini storage drawers

These small set of drawers can be used to keep keys, jewellery, and other small items. If you're gifting them, you can also fill them with chocolates!

Each one costs around RM32.90.

3. Wooden bedside or coffee table

These small coffee or bedside tables come in multiple designs and sizes. Plus, they cost less than RM50 each. Affordable and practical!

4. Really, really soft rugs

Kaison has lots of rugs. These ones, in particular, are extremely fluffy (psst... they're softer than you-know-who's version) and can be placed on a TV console, couch, or in the bedroom. 

They cost between RM58 and RM79 each. 

5. Storage baskets that you can fill up with a plant or other gifts

These metal and woven baskets can double up as gifts on their own along with treats that you can include inside. Fill them with smaller gifts like stationery, plushies, snacks, a throw, or even a plant!

They cost about RM15 to RM30 each.

6. Wooden trays and plates

These pretty wooden plates can be painted on, used for cookies, potpourri, or anything else really. Each one costs around RM30 to RM40. 

7. Bags and pouches


Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS


Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

RM37.90 to RM44.90

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

There are aisles dedicated to all types of bags from totes to backpacks and pouches. There's something for any age group.

8. Pretty or classy-looking tumblers

For the person who loves carrying their own bottle around for water or other cold drinks, these classy tumblers are about RM23.90 each or less. A simple gift!

9. Artificial cacti for the living room or work desks at home

Plants are all the rage these days. But if you don't have much of a green thumb, keeping them alive might be difficult. These artificial cacti make easy gifts that can be placed anywhere in the home or on your work desk.

You can get each of these for around RM20 or less.

10. Back cushion for those who always have to sit at a desk

Cosy up your friend's or loved one's workspace with one of these back cushions that cost about RM23.90 each.

11. Blankets and throws

Kaison's blankets and throws are some of their best items and they make easy Christmas presents too.

The store was in the middle of bringing out their stock so I couldn't get good photos but they offer a variety of plain or patterned fluffy blankets and throws.

You can get them for around RM15 to RM50, depending on the size.

An example of one of their designs earlier this year.

Image via Kaison Malaysia (Facebook)

12. Pretty notebooks

Jot down to-do lists and schedules in these pretty RM4.90 notebooks. These can also be used as filler presents with other items to make your own little gift set.

13. Diffuser and humidifier

A diffuser or humidifier makes thoughtful gifts especially with essential oils – you can even get Christmassy scents for that extra festive touch! It feels like an expensive gift but is still under a budget.

14. Classy-looking clocks

You can find a number of classy-looking clocks at HOOGA, as well as Kaison! Each one costs between RM20 and RM39.90. 

15. Wire mesh photo board

Add a personal touch by printing and attaching photos of your friends or loved ones, whoever the present is for!

If you don't have many photos together, you can include postcards, dried flowers, or little messages for them.

Each one costs between RM14.90 and RM30.

16. Glass terrarium or decor holders

Add a fake plant or an air plant into one of these pretty decor pieces. Or fill them with rice lights (which you can also find at Kaison), or expensive chocolates and candy canes. Perfect for Christmas!

Each one costs around RM20 to RM30.

Here are examples of how you can decorate them as gifts:

Image via kitchn

BONUS: Gift wrapping options

One of the best parts about Kaison is that they provide gift wrapping paper that only costs 45 sen to 50 sen each. So you can pretty much settle all your presents in one place.

For more last-minute Christmas gift ideas:

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