Ran Out Of Face Masks? These Local Sellers Can Deliver Reusable Ones To Your Doorstep

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1. Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS)

Exclusively handsewn by local women in Kampung Pasir Gajah, Kemaman, these terrapin-inspired batik masks are just too adorable!

Each mask is two-ply and comes with a filter pocket. For an additional RM2, you can upgrade it to a hijab- or surgeon-friendly version with tie-on strings.

You can get them on their website or at Nude The Zero Waste Store in Petaling Jaya.

Price: RM15 each. PM2.5 filters are available to add on.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. sew X dignity

Image via sew X dignity
Image via sew X dignity

sew X dignity started off as a sewing class in 2015 and has now grown into educating more than 70 underprivileged youth on how to sew, craft, and design various items, such as face masks.

All profit goes directly back to Dignity for Children Foundation, which aims to empower more youth through these classes.

Their two-layer face masks come with soft white or black elastic and a filter pocket. They have both curved and flat masks available for adults and children.

Price: RM15 - RM17 each.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Inkaa

Supporting local artisans, INKAA sells two-layer batik printed face masks in a variety of designs. Each one is handmade and comes with a filter pocket. In this day and age, they'd make the perfect gifts for anyone!

RM18 each.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Anya Kebaya

These premium hand-stamped batik versions are being sold for RM12 each and can be included in a set.

Image via Anya Kebaya (Provided to SAYS)

Based in Penang, Anya Kebaya sells gorgeous Nyonya kebaya, kerongsang sets, batik sarongs, and the like. In light of the current times, they've also started making colourful batik face masks that can be shipped directly to you.

- RM40 for a set of five pieces (Two-ply)
- RM35 for a set of five pieces (Three-ply)

To order, just drop them a message on WhatsApp.


Check out their Facebook for more info.

5. Making Orang Asli Mothers Independent (MOAMI)

Making Orang Asli Mothers Independent (MOAMI) is a community-based organisation formed by a group of volunteers. Its main objective is to encourage and empower mothers to become more self-reliant.

They sew three-layer face masks, including a pocket for filters. To support their cause, you can also check out their custom-made batik bags.

You can order by leaving them a comment in their Facebook group or drop Carrol Lawrence a message on Facebook. You can find her account in the group.

Prices start at RM6.50 each.

Check out the Facebook group for more info.

6. Mybookbudz

Aside from selling homemade book and tab sleeves, this small Malaysian business has ventured into face masks!

They have a variety of patterned designs for both adults and children, like dinosaurs, batik, constellations, as well as plain versions. Each mask is three-ply with a filter pocket.

To order, just drop them a message on any of their social media platforms or through WhatsApp.

Price: RM15 (Women and children's sizes). RM16 (Men's size).


Facebook | Instagram

7. D'Styleo Handmade

D'Styleo Handmade offers pretty face masks that make great gifts. Each mask is two-ply and comes with a nose clip and a filter pocket. Filters are sold separately. They have patterned versions as well as solid coloured face masks.

Price: RM20 - RM30 each.

You can order them on their website or visit their kiosk in The Starling mall.

FacebookInstagram | Website

8. Mangosteen

Handsewn by mothers from the B40 and refugee communities, these quirky face masks come in a variety of colourful patterns. They also sell solid colours and striped versions. Too cute!

All profits are donated to organisations that empower mothers and children in Southeast Asia.

RM15 - RM25 each.

To order, check out their website.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. The Windmill Station

If you're looking for plain black face masks, these are made using a microfiber cloth, making them dry extremely quickly and super comfortable to wear.

If the straps get worn out, you can buy replacements, which they sell too. Each mask comes with a slot for filters that are also for sale. 

Price: RM8 each for both adult and kid sizes. If you get the bundles, the prices are cheaper.

To order, just drop them a WhatsApp message.


You can also check out more info on Facebook.

10. Tinah Talam

Based in Miri, Tinah Talam sells handmade beaded accessories. And the founder shared that her mother sews face masks! Each mask comes in three layers with a filter slot, and you can pick from sizes S, M, or L.

They have patterned and solid colour versions, like black, grey, red wine, and more.

Free delivery is available for those living in Miri. Shipping costs to Sabah and Sarawak are RM8 and West Malaysia is RM12.

Price: RM12 - RM20

To order, drop them a DM on their social media or a WhatsApp message.


Facebook | Instagram

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