Malaysian Store Sells Plushies That Are Done With This Year's Sh*t. But Still Cute

The perfect gift for a pessimistic friend.

Cover image via HOOGA/Zalora & HOOGA/Shopee

Few things in this world can truly describe how this year has been

And what better way to commemorate 2020 than with a plushie that has nailed the ultimate resting b*tch face (RBF).

Allow me to introduce you to... Malder

Image via HOOGA/Zalora

He's that broody teenager you used to be. Perpetually indifferent to life's difficulties. Couldn't care less if he loves you or not.

But one thing is for sure... you will love him.

Image via HOOGA/Zalora

Malder's got friends too. Their names are Walder, Alder, and Salder.

And they all look just as adorably glum.


Image via HOOGA/Shopee

Alder's even got a pocket on his stripey T-shirt to accompany his derp look.


Image via HOOGA/Lazada


Image via HOOGA/Lazada

Malaysia and Singapore-based homeware store HOOGA is selling these 'Weirdo' plushies (yes, they actually called them that) online.

You can find them on Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada for around RM30 each.

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