Peasants, Rejoice! These Are Probably The Only AirPods We Can Afford

Now everyone can flex.

Cover image via Life WareHouse & Mashable SEA

Hello, my fellow peasants. You may not be able to afford Apple's AirPods but perhaps you can consider this instead...

Image via Life WareHouse

You can now buy giant Bluetooth speakers resembling one of the bestselling gadgets around: Apple's AirPods

Malaysian company, Life WareHouse, is selling large Bluetooth AirPod speakers that measure 10cm by 22cm, while actual Apple AirPods are only 1.6cm by 4.2cm.

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Now everyone can flex! Why burn RM699 on a pair, when you can get this larger baby for only RM65? :p

Which BTW, is it's current sale price until 13 July - it's normally sold at RM92.

Image via Life WareHouse

Like any speaker, you can adjust the volume and skip or press play/pause on songs. Other than Bluetooth, it also comes with a TF card slot and USB port.

Image via Life WareHouse

The speaker has a battery life that can last between five and eight hours and comes with a micro USB port so you can charge it up whenever you want

Image via Life WareHouse

According to the website, it takes about two to three hours to fully charge.

To place an order or to get more information, click here.

This Twitter user came up with a clever way to make sure their AirPods never go missing:

Life WareHouse went viral earlier this year for its relatable plushies:

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