21 Snacks And Ingredients To Get From IKEA

Not just meatballs.

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1. Chocolates

IKEA's milk chocolate with hazelnut bar.

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IKEA chocolate bars in milk and dark chocolate.

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BELÖNING chocolate bars cost RM7.90 each.

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

IKEA has quite a good selection of chocolates. If you pick any three chocolate bars, it costs RM13 in total, which makes it only about RM4 per bar (100g). Pretty reasonable.

They've also recently released BELÖNING chocolates in these flavours:
- white chocolate with raspberries
- dark chocolate with orange flavour, caramel pieces, and almonds
- milk chocolate with wild blueberries

2. Chicken sausages

What's a trip to IKEA without a bag of curry puffs or their signature RM2 hotdogs.

They sell frozen chicken sausages at their food market, which costs RM6.60 for a pack of six pieces (440g). There are also hotdog buns sold separately if you want the full hotdog experience.

3. Raspberry and chocolate-flavoured filled cookies

IKEA's popular heart-shaped cookies are not only cute but they also taste pretty good. I like the ones with chocolate-flavour filling 'coz chocolate is life. My boss says she likes the raspberry-filled ones. You decide. :p

Each pack costs RM5.20.

4. Ginger thins

These ginger thins are hands down my favourite IKEA cookies of all time! Warning: they can be really addictive, especially the ones with almonds.

Once you open it, you'll need to immediately store the cookies in an airtight container to keep them from going stale.

The ginger thins cost RM5.80 per pack, while the ones with almonds cost RM6.40.

5. Meatballs and sauce

The iconic IKEA meatballs and sauce are also sold separately in the frozen food section – perfect if you're not in the mood to queue up at the restaurant or just prefer eating in the comfort of your home.

If you cook them following the instructions, they taste just like the ones you can get at IKEA's restaurant.

A pack of frozen meatballs costs RM33.90 for 1kg. And the sauce costs RM7.90 (500ml).

6. Elk-shaped pasta

I'm a sucker for all cute-shaped pastas and these elk ones are just too adorable! Each box (400g) costs RM5.90. A small price to pay for a little happiness. :D 

7. Jams

IKEA has three types of jams and yes, they have actual fruit in them:
- Raspberry & blueberry jam (RM14.80)
- Strawberry jam (RM15.70)
- Orange & elderflower marmalade (RM14.10)

They're yummy as a spread on bread or cream crackers for tea time!

8. Cakes and pies

IKEA's Daim almond cake from the restaurant has been a long-time crowd favourite. Although this isn't the actual Daim cake itself, it has a thin Swedish-style almond chocolate layer that isn't too sweet.

The whole cake usually costs about RM35. But there's a current discount on it, making it less than RM30.

IKEA also sells a variety of other easy-to-whip-out-from-the-fridge desserts, such as their Swedish apple pie, raspberry cheesecake, and Swedish almond cake.

9. Shredded potato pancakes

Try IKEA's RÖSTI, also known as shredded potato pancakes, which is a Swiss dish usually eaten for breakfast. Or in Malaysia, you can have them as a side dish.

They are most similar to hash browns, except that potato pancakes are usually held together with egg or flour and hash browns are usually just grated potato.

They come frozen, so you can either fry them or pop them in the oven. I'd recommend frying them with a bit of butter for that extra crisp. 

Each box costs RM9.90 but there's a current promotion – if you buy them with the meatballs, they both cost RM39.90 in total, saving you RM3.90.

10. Cinnamon buns

If you've eaten the cinnamon buns at IKEA's restaurant, you can also find a frozen version at their food market. They come in a pack of six, which costs RM15.90 (about RM2.60 per bun). 

They're good for a quick breakfast or tea time snack.

11. Potato chips

Being a big fan of potato chips, I'm pretty particular about how they taste and if they're worth the price.

IKEA's FESTLIGT chips come in two flavours:
- sour cream and onion
- salted

Each packet costs RM9.90, which seems pretty steep. But it actually comes up to about the same value as a big bag of imported Lay's Salt and Vinegar. The FESTLIGT bag isn't as empty as other typical potato chip brands.

They also currently sell salted potato chips by Swedish snack company, OLW, which cost RM12.90.

12. Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is comforting on a rainy day and easy to make as a side dish, or if you're just craving it. IKEA sells 500ml packs of frozen mushroom soup for RM7.90.

It's really creamy and tasty. I love it.

Here's a picture of my dinner with IKEA ingredients: meatballs, mushroom soup, and RÖSTI.

Image via SAYS

13. Organic rapeseed oils

The furniture store offers multiple rapeseed oils in flavours like garlic, thyme, butter, and dill. These oils are known to be a healthier, tasty alternative for cooking and baking. 

Each bottle costs between RM16 and RM26, which isn't exactly the cheapest for cooking oils. But if you're making something for a special occasion or for guests, then you can consider these.

14. Salmon fillet

In the frozen food section, they have packets of salmon fillet. Each 500g pack comes with four slabs and costs RM55.90 (RM13.90 each).

You can find cheaper options at other supermarkets. But if you're already in IKEA and want convenience, then this can be a good option for lunch or dinner.

15. Salty sticks

If you love your savoury snacks, these salty sticks, resembling Pretz sticks, are RM11.90 a pack (250g). It's also made by the same Swedish snack company, OLW.

16. Waffles

There's so much to love about these adorable heart-shaped waffles!

You can have them as a dessert or snack topped with whipped cream, melted chocolate, or fruit. They are sold frozen and can be heated in the oven straight from your freezer. A thoughtful treat for your loved ones, perhaps?

17. Frozen wholemeal garlic bread and garlic spread

If you're not in the mood to make garlic bread from scratch, they have a ready-made option. Each pack comes with eight pieces of wholemeal bread complete with the garlic spread.

IKEA also sells the garlic spread separately if you want to use them on other types of toast.

18. Daim

This deserves a category on its own because it's Daim. These Swedish crunchy almond caramel-coated milk chocolates can make anyone's gloomy day brighter. An idea for Christmas gifts, maybe?

19. Creamed smoked roe

This Swedish 'kaviar' is a fish roe spread that you can use on crackers, bread, or in pasta.

It tastes creamy, salty, and fishy. There are a variety of recipes online if you're curious about what other meals you can use it for.

Each tube costs RM14.40 (190g).

20. Fried onions

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Image for illustration purposes only.

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I didn't manage to spot these at the store but based on IKEA's website, they sell fried onions in a tub for RM3.70 (100g).

Use it as a topping for fried rice, soups, or even RÖSTI. Fried onions go well with almost anything!

21. Gingerbread sets and houses (sold for a limited time)

Here's IKEA's sample gingerbread house complete with decorations.

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

Since everyone is at home right now, here's a fun way to entertain kids (and maybe even adults!).

IKEA has gingerbread sets with Christmas characters (RM17.90), as well as gingerbread houses (RM18.90) that you can build and decorate with icing and sprinkles. They also sell heart-shaped gingerbread cookies (RM6.90) that you can decorate.  

Double-check that the cookies are not broken inside the packets before buying them. 

If you have any other favourite IKEA snack or ingredient that's not included in this list, share with us!

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