IKEA's New Ginger Tiramisu & Walnut Brownie Cheesecake Smoothies Taste Just Like Christmas

The drinks are available starting today, 3 November.

Cover image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS & Joni Lynne (Provided to SAYS)

It's November. That means Christmas is nearly less than a MONTH away! YASSSSSSSSS.

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And what better way to usher in this festive season than with IKEA's newest drinks...

Introducing their new limited edition Ginger Tiramisu and Walnut Brownie Cheesecake smoothies!

The Walnut Brownie Cheesecake smoothie has a malt taste that reminds us of everything cosy and festive.

You have the option to have it topped with lots of whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Walnut Brownie Cheesecake smoothie.

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

On the other hand, the Ginger Tiramisu smoothie might sound like a strange combination at first, but it actually tastes really refreshing. It's like gingerbread as a shake! 

Ginger Tiramisu smoothie.

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

Both smoothies are going for RM9.90 each and are only available for a limited time so you'll wanna hurry and get it!

The drinks are available at IKEA's cafes in IPC and MyTown Shopping Centres from today, 3 November, until the end of December.

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