Malaysian Guy Got Fed Up With Delicate Fragrance Bottles So He Made Solid Cologne Instead

Analogue Apotik's products are available in several countries all over Asia.

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If you love fragrances, then you'll be more than familiar with the struggle of carrying around a glass fragrance bottle.

It sucks.

After his fragrance bottle accidentally broke in his bag when travelling, Adrian Cheong decided it was time for a change.

Adrian Cheong, founder of Analogue Apotik.

Image via Analogue Apotik (Provided to SAYS)

Stumbling across an idea while browsing the Internet one day, he set out to create a solid cologne that people could just slip into their pockets wherever they went.

It took him four to five months to kickstart The Apothecary, now known as Analogue Apotik.

And since 2015, his products have reached people all over Asia.

Analogue Apotik was formerly known as The Apothecary.

Image via Instagram @analogueapotik

It's super easy to apply. Just dip your fingertips into the cologne and dab it onto your pulse points: wrists, neck, throat, inner elbows, or back of your ears.

Most of his inspiration for scents come from the things around him and his travels

"'Kasai' and 'Yama' were inspired by my trip to Japan and I wanted to create something along with the artwork to show what was in my head during that time," he shares with SAYS.

However, before he and his team make it, each scent goes through a process, which can take several months.

One of which is getting feedback from friends and family, especially his wife who he says has a different taste from him.

But it's about more than just the scent.

He believes that the products they create need to make sense, from their ingredients right down to their packaging.

Cheong added that their bestseller, 'Colossus', which comes in a crackle case is very sought-after outside of Malaysia due to its hardiness and sleek look.

They'll be launching refills for the crackle case soon so that customers can change them once they are done with their fragrances.

Premium crackle case that you can flip open.

Image via Analogue Apotik (Provided to SAYS)

The company recently launched candles that use beeswax in their formulation, unlike most brands that use soy wax.

Despite the cost being slightly higher, Cheong said they found that beeswax burns more cleanly and would release negative ions into the air which works like an air purifier.

He has since expanded the range into oil-based fragrances and hairstyling wax, in collaboration with his friend Kevin Tan, founder of The Oven Cuttery, a barbershop in Petaling Jaya.

Image via Analogue Apotik

Aside from Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, you can find Analogue Apotik's products online and in stores all over KL and Penang

KL and Selangor
- Analogue Apotik HQ
- Ilaika
- The Oven Cuttery
- The Golden Rule Barber Co.
- Tiger Lily by Brickhouse
- The Gentlemen's Lab @ Publika
- The Hive Bulk Foods
- Robinsons
- Kronoz Denim
- Ninth Gallery
- Sole What

- Sixth Sense
- Chapter 23
- Masons by Wellings

Here's where the HQ is located:
Block F-05-12A, Office Block,
Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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