M'sians Share Their Christmas Traditions With Loved Ones & It Will Give You All The Feels

'Tis the season to be jolly!

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1. "It's not Christmas for us if there are no sparklers and 'Pop Pop!"

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"We don't do quiet Christmas. It's normal for our celebration to be filled with lots of noise and laughter otherwise it's not Christmas lol. After dinner, the whole family will hang out in the garden to play with the sparklers. 

One thing we absolutely love doing is to sneak up on the uncles and aunties and throw 'Pop Pop' to scare them LOL. I remember one time, I scared one of my uncles so bad he spilt his drink all over his shirt. Oh good times." 

Julia, 28

2. "My tradition is that we only get to open one present on Christmas Eve :p"

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"After having a HUGE dinner feast on Christmas Eve, our mum lets us open one present from the Christmas tree. And it's ALWAYS a new set of pyjamas. 

My family loves to watch movies on Christmas Eve so we'll change to our new set of jammies and it's movie time! My mum will also prepare a bunch of yummy snacks like gingerbread cookies, chocolates, brownies, literally all kinds of snacks!

Then, when it's late, we'll sleep in our comfy jammies and open the rest of the presents the next morning. :D"

Indra, 27

3. "My family's tradition is devil curry and chicken pot pie!"

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"And not just your typical devil curry and chicken pot pie okay... They're the best in the WHOLE UNIVERSE. My grandma is like the best cook ever man. 

And every year, my cousins and I will 'help' her prepare Christmas when we're really just joking and fooling around that it drives her crazy. 

It's my favourite part of Christmas. And I did learn something okay... I'm now an expert potato peeler and chopper." 

Danial, 27

4. "My mum and grandma started a tradition of hanging Christmas stockings at home for everyone to open on Christmas day"

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"Old or young, everyone gets a stocking! And each of the stockings has our names on it. Even when my boyfriend (now husband) first came over to my place, my grandma made sure he got a stocking as well. 

The stockings are stuffed with lotssss of presents. It can be full of sweets and chocolates and other gadgets like phone holders and whatnot. Then the big presents will be under the Christmas tree. 

Since there's no fireplace, the stockings are hung along the staircase railing instead – from eldest, at the top of the stairs, to the youngest in the family haha. :D"

Alyssa, 25

5. "Every year, my mother goes all out for Christmas, making ceiling-high Christmas trees from scratch and they look super cool!"

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"She reuses all kinds of materials, from denim jeans and sticks to scrap cloth, you name it! Her Christmas trees always steal the show on our front porch. Every year, the whole kampung will come and marvel at the pretty tree. 

And once Christmas is over, she repurposes the materials as much as possible because still can use right? So why throw them away? She'll make super pretty garlands for the staircase and Christmas wreaths." 

Tamara, 26

6. "We do Secret Santa every year for over 30 members in our extended family omg"

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"Every year, the whole extended family will draw lots for our gifts exchange. And it's always soooo nerve-wracking because the last thing you want is some super fussy relative who won't like your present hahaha. 

So every Christmas I will confirm pening kepala trying to find the perfect gift for my relative. 

But the best part is when we try to guess each other's Secret Santa hahaha. Many of them fail miserably because we are one super big family! I think one of my cousins still doesn't know who got him his gift last year lol."

Bernard, 22

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