IGOTW: Street Artist @Cloakwork On Being A Rebel And Painting Graffiti At Night

Although the mysterious @Cloakwork decided to keep his real name a secret, we found out how he started doing graffiti and his thoughts on the local Malaysian graffiti scene.

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QUICK QUESTION: What is graffiti to you?

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Do you think of it as a form of vandalism?

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Or a piece of art?

This is the question that always seems to rise up when graffiti becomes a topic of conversation. But regardless of what you might think, it is here to stay and affects everyone because graffiti is everywhere.

@Cloakwork is a local illustrator and graffiti artist who is on a mission to change the perception Malaysians have on graffiti. We got to know him a little better in a fuss-free interview:

SAYS: Tell us a little about yourself, Cloakwork!

Cloakwork: Hello, my name is Cloakwork. I'm a 24-year-old Malaysian graffiti artist and illustrator. I daydream often and my mind experiences some creative fantasies that inspire my artwork. As for my real name, I'd rather keep it a secret. ;)

What's the story behind the name 'Cloakwork'?

Cloakwork is separated into two parts:*'cloak' and 'work'. Cloak means hidden, stealth and cloaking, while work is a movement, I often do graffiti at night without being noticed. During the day you'll see a plain concrete wall, and the wall gets 'cloakwork-ed' at night - people will see a colourful graffiti wall there and not know how it appeared overnight.

Why graffiti? What inspired you to take it up?

I grew up a rebel and I hated most of my college life. I am mostly inspired by the graffiti pieces I see at Pasar Seni LRT station. I take the train every day to college and I was really intrigued and inspired by those pieces.

How would you describe your style of graffiti? And what materials do you use?

I would describe my style leans toward urban and cartoony. I paint characters with vibrant colours that appeal to citizens. 99% of them on walls are painted with aerosols.

When and how did you start your Instagram account?

Hmmm, I started Instagram account roughly 2 years ago when I got myself a secondhand iPhone 4s. When it comes to tech, I am pretty slow - but better late than never!

How has Instagram helped you in your career as a graffiti artist?

Instagram is like my international gallery, my portfolio where anyone around the globe can reach me and have a look at my work. Also, I can keep track of other artists' Instagram accounts.

What's the graffiti scene like in Malaysia?

I feel that the local graffiti scene here lacks unity. Everyone keeps to themselves when the scene should be about us connecting and sharing the same message. I hope that there will be a consistency in terms of gatherings and graffiti events that'll help inspire more new blood.

Many still argue that graffiti is a form of vandalism. What do you have to say about that?

Whether it is art or vandalism, there is no point arguing for graffiti is very subjective. For me, I do my best and leave it to the public to judge. If they like it, they will enjoy it. So far, I'm quite pleased that I have been receiving positive responses from the public and even, the police. ;)

Could you share with us some of your favourite pieces to date?

GangsterMan: One of the larger pieces I did during the 7-day boot camp with my friends in Fatmawati, Jakarta. A different take on the stereotypical characteristics of a gangster.

Budak TanahAirKu : This piece was commissioned by Petronas to revive abandoned buildings all over the city in conjunction with Merdeka Day. This is a Gen-Y kid who still appreciates the traditional culture of playing the renowned 'Wau'.

Young Heart : An obscure portrait of my future self. Painting is my dream and each piece comes from the heart. I'll keep painting for as long as I can because age is nothing but a number.

More street art pieces from @Cloakwork

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